NBA Picks: 3-Point Shooting Contest Odds & Predictions

Jordan Sharp

Friday, February 15, 2013 1:53 PM UTC

Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 1:53 PM UTC

The three point shootout always seems to have value, and since it’s standing around and shooting with no defenders, it’s seemingly anyone’s game. Let's look at the current betting odds and determine which players are worth adding to our NBA picks.

We have a total of six participants, and we will cover each of them to decide who is worth backing with our NBA picks.

Stephen Curry 5/2

One of the favorites is none other than Stephen Curry at 5/2. This guy may be the best pure shooter in the NBA, making three 3-pointers a game at 45%. This is a different game, but I think Curry has what it takes to get the trophy. Curry’s stroke is smooth and effortless, and in a contest where you might get tired into rounds 2 and 3, I like Curry as one of my picks.

Steve Novak 5/2

NBA odds makers have listed New York’s Steve Novak as the co-favorite. Novak is draining almost 45% of his 3’s this season, but he does not get the playing time that most of the other contestants get. If he can get hot, this contest might be his to lose. However, this is his first real All Star competition, so I think the jitters might get to him, and I’m laying off.

Kyrie Irving 4/1

Irving would be a solid pick, but a recent injury and comments from his coach make him a fade in my book. Irving is a bit banged up and the injury that concerns me for this contest is his wrist. If your wrist hurts, it’s really hard and next to impossible to shoot the ball. Plus, Irving is a busy man this weekend, competing in the three point shootout, the Rising Stars game, and the All Star game itself. Had Kyrie come into the contest healthy, he would be a real threat, but given the circumstances, I suggest that you place your sports picks elsewhere.

Ryan Anderson 4/1

Anderson is the guy I worry about, because he can get hot at any time. However, while he has been known to find his touch fairly easy, he also is prone to go on clod streaks. Anderson is a streak shooter if I’ve ever seen one, and while that can go well in this competition, it can also cost him dearly. I have no issue with anyone wanting to take a former competitor in this competition, but I can’t back Anderson. A cold streak of 2-3 straight misses could be all it takes in a field this stacked.

Matt Bonner 5/1

Boner is another 3-point specialist much like Novak, but Bonner is only getting about 18 minutes per game for San Antonio this season. A set shooter, Boner’s delivery is a little weird, but it’s effective, as he too shots the ball at 45% from beyond the arc. Even though he is the most unknown of all the participants, he is the kind of guy that could win it all. At 5/1, I think Bonner is pretty solid value as an underdog pick. I think I’m taking him and Curry as my two picks for this one.

Paul George 15/2

Another guy who has a busy weekend ahead of him is Paul George, and he is the long shot in this race at 15/2. George is by far the best player in this competition, (Yes Curry fans I said it) but he is also the most tired and the least accomplished three-point shooter of the field. George can get hot just like the rest of them, but while he may hit 35-40%, the others could very well hit 50% of their wide open three pointers in this one. I’m laying off, even though the odds are enticing.

NBA Picks: Stephen Curry & Matt Bonner at 5/1 as a value pick

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