NBA Picks: 2013 Slam Dunk Contest Picks

Jordan Sharp

Friday, February 15, 2013 2:06 PM UTC

Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 2:06 PM UTC

I think we have incredible value in these prop odds. There are six participants this year, and I have my eye on three of them, and definitely the favorite. 

NBA Dunk contest picks and odds

If there is a highlight of All Star weekend in the NBA besides the game itself, it’s the dunk contest. All time greats have competed in this competition over the years, and although we have reached a stagnant period where none of the big names want to compete.

James White 5/4 

You may not have ever heard of James “Flight” White, but you will after the dunk contest. White is the least known of all the participants, and probably the most equipped to win such a contest. White is a journeyman who has played several stints in Europe and in the NBA. He is a Washington DC native, and he lives up to his nickname.

White has a 46’’ vertical leap, that’s good for third best all time in the NBA behind Michael Jordan and Spud Webb. White’s resume is impressive. He got 2nd in both the high school and NCAA dunk contests, and he has three Euro-League dunk contest championships in 2008, 2010 and 2012. In a recent article with Yahoo Sports, White claims he has at least five dunks that could get him a perfect score.

Seeing as the rest of the field are NBA players before they’re dunkers, White should be the clear favorite, and has to be added to your NBA Picks. White’s vertical leap alone would be enough to make him a favorite, but his accolades are tough to ignore.

Kenneth Faried 8/1

The young power forwards out of Morehead State comes in as one of the big underdogs in this competition at 8/1, but in now way should you count him out. Being the biggest member of the field, Faried will have his work cut out for him, but his vertical leap and powerful dunking will always be a crowd pleaser.

The question is will he please the judges, the ones he really needs to impress. I think for value’s sake alone, you have to look at Faried. Being the biggest guy in the competition will both help and hurt him with the judges, as most of them are small player bias, but it should help him win over the crowd, which will likely sway the judges. I’m taking a double dose of White and Faried in this competition, giving me the best value possible.

Eric Bledsoe 5/1

The electrifying point guard from LA comes in on the NBA odds boards at 5/1, and the only reason I have him listed is because I think he should be higher. Bledsoe has a 40’’+ vertical leap, and smaller guys always seem to get the love in these things. Why do you think 5’9 Nate Robinson is a multi-time champion of this event.

Bledsoe may be the best athlete in the field, which is another reason I think he has value. Terrence Ross at 7/2 is a pretty good athlete as well, but I’m not sold on a rookie winning just yet. Between the three guys I have listed, one of them should cash you a winner on Saturday night.

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