NBA Odds Update: Derrick Rose Fractures Orbital Bone

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 10:16 PM UTC

Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2015 10:16 PM UTC

Yet another chapter in the Derrick Rose injury saga has emerged this afternoon in the Bulls first on court scrimmage of training camp and it might decrease the team's NBA odds.

Derrick Rose was elbowed in the face and has a left-orbital bone fracture, which will require surgery. There has been no word on the severity of the fracture, or how long the Bulls expect him to be out, but one thing is certain; any Derrick Rose injury is a big deal for those who place their NBA picks in this offseason. Combine that with the fact that the Bulls are sporting a new head coach and a new offense, and you have somewhat of a setback for the Bulls.

The news is still relatively new here on Tuesday evening, but before long the sportsbooks will react. Oddsmakers might decrease the Chicago Bulls' NBA odds to win the Eastern Conference, and possibly the Championship.

This could be all overreaction as well. Rose’s fracture could be heeled before the season starts in a month and he might love wearing a mask to protect the injury. There really is a lot of unknown in this situation, and there won’t be any news on a timetable until after the surgery on Wednesday.

According to, players who fractured their orbital bone and had to have surgery missed an average of 5-28 games. Jason Terry and Joe Johnson have both had the surgery in the middle of a season, and they missed five and six games respectfully, while others missed 18 and 28.

Make sure and check the news on Rose’s surgery within the next 48 hours, because a lot will be determined after that.

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