NBA Future Odds Update Now That the Playoffs Field is Set

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, April 16, 2015 1:27 PM UTC

Thursday, Apr. 16, 2015 1:27 PM UTC

The NBA playoffs are set and heading into the first postseason games this weekend, the NBA future odds have also been updated to reflect on some of the first round matchups. 

Cleveland Cavaliers (+200)
The de-facto leader in the NBA betting odds is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who after a solid final two-thirds of the season have secured the #2 spot in the playoffs, and will play a feisty Celtics team in the first round. The Cavs are probably the most complete team in the East right now, and as long as they can dispatch of the Bulls and Hawks in consecutive series, they will make the NBA Finals. Winning it against a hardened West team may be tougher than getting through the East, but either way their NBA Odds are justified.


Golden State Warriors (+200)
The team they meet in the Finals might be the Warriors, who are also sitting at 2/1 according to However their road to the Finals might be a lot tougher. Even though the Warriors should easily win their first round series against the Pelicans, the second and third rounds are going to be a lot tougher. A second round matchup with the Grizzlies or Blazers would not be easy for this team, and a potential conference Finals against the Clippers, Spurs or Rockets might be even tougher. I’m not against taking the Warriors as a good NBA pick, but it’s tough.


San Antonio Spurs (+300)
The Spurs got a bad draw in the first round having to play the Clippers, but if they can get past LA, they have a pretty good shot at getting to the Conference Finals, despite not having home court advantage. At 3/1 they may be a little overvalued, but this team has played as good as any team heading down the stretch, oh and I forgot to mention, they’re also the defending champs. Don’t count out San Antonio, and if you can get NBA Odds better than 3/1, I would take them.


Atlanta Hawks (+1500)
While most sportsbooks don’t have as big of a drop-off from the top three teams, has the Hawks all the way down to +1500 to win the title. These NBA odds are slightly undervaluing the Hawks and their chances, especially after they get to avoid Chicago or Cleveland in the second round. Not having to play either of those teams until a potential conference Finals matchups is huge for the Hawks. They might lose a game to the Nets in the first round, however they likely won’t have many issues getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. If they win it is another question, and winning the NBA title may be farfetched, but at +1500, the odds are there to make it a reasonable wager.


Chicago Bulls (+2000)
The biggest wildcard in the entire playoffs outside of how the West ends up is how the Bulls will play. The team is relatively healthy heading into the postseason, and a first round matchup against the Bucks shouldn’t be overly tough. However at 20/1 to win the title, the Bulls present some nice value for guys who like to take risks. If Chicago can continue to play good defense, and if Tom Thibodeau can find a working playoff rotation, this team is as dangerous as any team in the NBA if they are playing up to expectations. 

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