NBA Future Odds Update: Golden State Warriors Lead the Final Four Picks & Predictions

Jordan Sharp

Monday, May 18, 2015 8:22 PM UTC

Monday, May. 18, 2015 8:22 PM UTC

The NBA’s Final Four is set and there are only four teams remaining in the NBA Future Odds. While my video quotes NBA Odds from various books, the odds for this one are from Bovada, and they could have some nice value even now. 

Golden State Warriors (-175)
Even though the Memphis Grizzlies exposed the Warriors a little bit in the West semi finals, Golden State poured it on to win the series in six games after falling down 1-2. Golden State may be a bit overvalued still, but they are going to easily beat the Rockets. I’m sorry Houston fans, if the Warriors don’t win this series in five games, I’m going to be surprised. I’d like to think that the Rockets could muster up enough defense to win this series, but in the end Golden State will win, and they have a good chance of beating either Atlanta or Cleveland too.


Cleveland Cavaliers (+260)
I’ve found the Cavs anywhere from +300 to +250 around the NBA odds, and Bovada is more on the conservative side of things. With the team getting some much-needed time off, the Cavs come into the East Finals as healthy as they’ll get in these playoffs. However beating the Hawks is going to be harder than most are suggesting, and beating a team like Golden State in the finals might be even tougher. In the end, I won’t talk you out of the Cavs to win the championship, but it would be a risky wager considering their next two series are against the best two teams in the NBA from the regular season.

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Atlanta Hawks (+900)
The Hawks are another team that I’ve seen a lot of different prices for, but 9/1 is once again one of the more conservative ones. However it’s probably the most intriguing of all of the remaining future odds. I can make the argument that the Hawks are just good enough to win this series, and the Cavs are just banged up enough to lose it. At 9/1, if they can get past the Cavs, even if they play the Warriors, 9/1 is great value if they could somehow beat them. If you want to hedge a Warriors bet with the Hawks, it might be a smart move just in case the ATL can somehow beat Lebron James.


Houston Rockets (+1000)
If I’m a Houston Rockets fan, I am drinking in all of the feels right now. Yes, that’s a slang term, and yes that means that in no way do I believe the Rockets can beat the Warriors. Congratulations on getting to the Western Conference Finals. Find another point guard this offseason, because you are going to realize how badly you miss Patrick Beverley in this series. Even Beverley got torched by Stephen Curry when he was healthy, so Jason Terry stands no chance against Curry. The Rockets might end up playing Corey Brewer a little more if that’s the case, but in the end it won’t be enough. The Rockets are deep but the Dubs are deeper, and in the end they play a lot more defense than the Rockets. The Warriors win in five games, and maybe in four. 

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