NBA Finals MVP Prop Picks Featuring Curry, LeBron & Green

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 11:00 AM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2016 11:00 AM UTC

Last season could have been one of the more lucrative Finals MVP props if you correctly wagered on Andre Iguodala. Can he or another long shot come through again this season?

Stephen Curry (-110)
It should come as no surprise that Stephen Curry is the favorite to win Finals MVP. He would have won last season if it had not been for the production that Iguodala brought to the series, but this season things seem a bit different. Curry just helped bring his team back from down 1-3, and while Klay Thompson had a big Game 6 on the road, Curry’s ability to give the Warriors 30-plus points every night is going to go a long way in deciding who wins Finals MVP.

Curry winning would also be an indicator that the Warriors will have won this series. Most seem to think that the favorites will win at some point in this series, and if it’s a quick series of five games or less, the only way that happens is if Curry has an MVP-style series. While it’s a risky wager at -110 as offered by William Hill, it’s definitely one of the safer ones of this entire prop. Considering he is coming into the Finals averaging almost 33 points per game in his last three games, that would likely be enough to win the MVP if he can keep it up and the Dubs can pull this one out.


Lebron James (+250)
I saw a meme on Facebook yesterday reminding everyone the Finals that Lebron James had last season. Truly it might happen again, even with the Cavs fully healthy, and if it does, you can bet Cleveland is going to win this time around. You can also look at betting James as a value. There is very little chance that if the Cavs do win this series that someone else gets the glory of Finals MVP. There might actually be zero chance unless somehow Kyrie Irving outplays Curry.

Therefore, if you think the Cavaliers are going to win this series, just place a wager on James to win Finals MVP. Right now most sportsbooks have the Cavs at under +200 to win the series, but at +250, you can get some extra value on James to win the MVP, which is essentially betting on the Cavs to win the championship. Sure, there is slightly more risk to it, but the potential payout is enough to where it makes for a smart play of you like the Cavs.


Draymond Green (+500)
My best NBA Props Pick for Finals MVP however, is none other than Draymond Green. The Warriors’ forward did not have a great Western Conference Finals, but in the two series before that, Green was playing like an MVP. He averaged 22.2 points, 11.2 rebounds and 7.4 assists against the Blazers in the second round, and he averaged a double-double against the Cavaliers this regular season as well.

Green’s shooting last season was one of the only things holding him back from being in the Finals MVP discussion, but he still put up some big numbers, including a triple-double in the series clinching game. If he can get his shot going, he has as good of a chance as Curry or James to win the award.

The main thing I think that will draw voters to Green is that he will be playing defense on James. If Green is averaging 15-20 points along with 15 or more total rebounds and assists, all while guarding James, if that isn’t an MVP caliber performance, I don’t knot what is. For his price of +500, or even +600 at some NBA odds, Green is the best value on the board for Finals MVP.

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