NBA Betting: Western Conference Future Odds Update

Jordan Sharp

Friday, August 9, 2013 6:42 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 9, 2013 6:42 PM UTC

While the Western Conference may not be as wide open as it was a season ago, there are still some new players at the table threatening the upper echelon out West.

Let’s take a look at the future NBA odds and see which teams are the favorites to win the West. All of these odds are courtesy of TopBet sportsbook.

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Oklahoma City Thunder (+200 Western Conference, +650 NBA Title)

An unfortunate injury to Russell Westbrook derailed the Thunder last season but now he is back and will be well rested by the time the regular season gets here. Kevin Durant and Westbrook were trying to prove their didn’t need James Harden, and they will try again this season with even less around them.

While I do think they are a little overvalued in this spot as NBA picks, I also think they should at the very least be co-favorites with the Spurs. However if it came down to it, the Thunder are the better team, and the best in the West. It all boils down to can they play defense and get one or two other guys to step up? They have a lot of money in Serge Ibaka, and it should probably start there.

San Antonio Spurs (+375 Western Conference, +1000 NBA Title)

While they are much more adequately priced than they were at this time last season, the Spurs may still be a little undervalued despite coming within a game of a championship. The Spurs did lose Gary Neal this offseason, but they added Marco Belinelli and retained everyone else.

While like some of their Eastern Conference counterparts, it’s all about the health they can sustain throughout what they hope will be another 100-game season, but I have more faith in the Spurs staying healthy than I do a team like the Nets or Knicks. I think there may be value here once again.

Houston Rockets (+500 Western Conference, +1000 NBA Title)

Even though I don’t agree with it whatsoever, the Rockets are the next highest favorite in the basketball odds this offseason. Although I think they will be very good, I am not quite sold on the Rockets potentially beating out teams like the Clippers and possibly some others. While the core of Dwight Howard and James Harden is really good, I’m not sold on the rest of their roster.

I even think the Grizzlies and Warriors could be better teams. With the press that Howard going to Houston got, I think it might lead to them being overvalued this season, so buyers beware. I don’t see the Rockets contending until they sell off Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik for another super star caliber player (probably a point guard or small forward). Then I will buy Houston as title contenders. Let’s see what they can do before the trade deadline, because until then I’m selling.

Los Angeles Clippers (+550 Western Conference, +1000 NBA Title)

At this point in the offseason, the Clippers have to be my favorite future odds sports pick in either conference. They have the best talent/price ratio as it stands now and, at the very least, I think there is value in them to win the West. Now with Doc Rivers, I am no longer worried about them getting out-coached and out-smarted. That is no longer going to happen. They have the best point guard in the NBA, and the best point guard coach in the game today.

They also added a slew of other weapons like JJ Reddick, Jared Dudley, Darren Collison, Matt Barnes and Byron Mullens, who all will play a role this season. They couldn’t grab Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce too, but they are still very good, and could beat a Spurs or Thunder if all goes right for them.

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