NBA Betting Update: Opening Vegas Odds for 2016/17 Championship Futures

Kevin Stott

Friday, July 1, 2016 5:45 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 1, 2016 5:45 PM UTC

It seems like slim pickings in this market for next NBA betting season, however, there are valuable picks coming in the Western Conference on possible contenders top dethrone King James.


Cavaliers Accidentally Take Small Dump on West is the Best Narrative
The 2015/16 NBA season just ended and it only (almost) had to go down to the last possession of the last quarter of the last game of the NBA Finals to determine this year’s champions, and because of a clutch Kyrie Irving 3-pointer and the intestinal fortitude of one LeBron Raymone James, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, 4-3 in an extremely dramatic series and proof once again that when something (the Warriors winning the title) looks like it’s a sure thing, it often isn’t.

Curry and Golden State (+175 to win 2016/17 NBA Championship at sportsbooks) looked like they simply ran out of gas at the end of the NBA Finals, with the strong legs that helped Curry and Warriors backcourt mate Klay Thompson providing them the strength and lift to hit all those 3’s throughout the NBA Regular Season and Playoffs suddenly failing them in mid-June, with the Cavaliers (betting odds +250 to win for 2016/17 NBA Championship) long arms and defensive adjustments throughout the series also making the ultimate difference.

And it seems Tyronn Lue earned his job and maybe that letting the Tail (LeBron) wag that proverbial Dog (the Cavaliers franchise) was the best thing after all as NBA Finals MVP James helped the city of Cleveland quench a long thirst and exorcise some silly demons about the Cavaliers being able to win an NBA Championship with James leading the way. He did it and what he did was nothing short of spectacular, this coming from a Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan who lived in Chicago in the Eighties.

What James did, was to bring out the best in his teammates—as Jordan did—and with a healthy Kevin Love and Irving and Tristan Thompson blossoming on basketball’s biggest stage (inspired by King James), Cleveland earned the Larry O’Brien Trophy the hard way—by beating the team (the Warriors) with the best Record in the entire history of the NBA (73-9) with probably the two best pure shooters ever in the pro game. Long live The King.

Here are the freshest odds direct from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook for the NBA Championship next season—with Current and Opening odds—as well as the Eastern Conference and Western Conference numbers.

2016/17 NBA Championship Odds
Atlanta Hawks 50/1 (40/1)—(Opening odds in parenthesis, from May 29, 2016)
Boston Celtics 20/1 (20/1)
Brooklyn Nets 500/1 (500/1)
Charlotte Hornets 100/1 (100/1)
Chicago Bulls 100/1 (40/1)
Cleveland Cavaliers 5/2 (5/2)
Dallas Mavericks 100/1 (100/1)
Denver Nuggets 100/1 (200/1)
Detroit Pistons 100/1 (100/1)
Golden State Warriors +175 (7/4)
Houston Rockets 60/1 (60/1)
Indiana Pacers 100/1 (100/1)
Los Angeles Clippers 16/1 (16/1)
Los Angeles Lakers 100/1 (100/1)
Memphis Grizzlies 100/1 (80/1)
Miami Heat 20/1 (25/1)
Milwaukee Bucks 100/1 (100/1)
Minnesota Timberwolves 60/1 (60/1)
New Orleans Pelicans 60/1 (60/1)
New York Knicks 80/1 (100/1)
Oklahoma City Thunder 7/1 (8/1)
Orlando Magic 100/1 (100/1)
Philadelphia 76ers 100/1 (100/1)
Phoenix Suns 300/1 (300/1)
Portland Trail Blazers 60/1 (60/1)
Sacramento Kings 200/1 (100/1)
San Antonio Spurs 6/1 (6/1)
Toronto Raptors 20/1 (25/1)
Utah Jazz 100/1 (100/1)
Washington Wizards 100/1 (100/1)


Eastern Conference
Cleveland Cavaliers 1/2 (4/11, Opening Odds, May 29, 2016)
Boston Celtics 8/1 (8/1)
Miami Heat 8/1 (8/1
Toronto Raptors 8/1 (8/1)
Atlanta Hawks 20/1 (17/1)
Chicago Bulls 40/1 (17/1)
Detroit Pistons 40/1 (35/1)
New York Knicks 30/1 (35/1)
Indiana Pacers 40/1 (35/1)
Washington Wizards 40/1 (35/1)
Milwaukee Bucks 40/1 (35/1)
Charlotte Hornets 40/1 (25/1)
Orlando Magic 40/1 (35/1)
Brooklyn Nets 200/1 (200/1)


Western Conference
Golden State Warriors 10/11 (10/11, Opening Odds, May 29, 2016)
San Antonio Spurs 3/1 (3/1)
Oklahoma City Thunder 7/2 (4/1)
Los Angeles Clippers 8/1 (8/1)
Houston Rockets 30/1 (30/1)
Minnesota Timberwolves 30/1 (30/1)
New Orleans Pelicans 30/1 (30/1)
Portland Trail Blazers 30/1 (30/1)
Dallas Mavericks 50/1 (50/1)
Los Angeles Lakers 50/1 (50/1)
Memphis Grizzlies 50/1 (40/1)
Utah Jazz 50/1 (40/1)
Denver Nuggets 100/1 (50/1)
Sacramento Kings 100/1 (50/1)
Phoenix Suns 150/1 (150/1)


Last 10 NBA Champions
2007—San Antonio Spurs (over Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0)
2008—Boston Celtics (over Los Angeles Lakers 4-2)
2009—Los Angeles Lakers (over Orlando Magic 4-1)
2010—Los Angeles Lakers (over Boston Celtics 4-3)
2011—Dallas Mavericks (over Miami Heat 4-2)
2012—Miami Heat (over Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1)
2013—Miami Heat (over San Antonio Spurs 4-3)
2014—San Antonio Spurs (over Miami Heat 4-1)
2015 —Golden State Warriors (over Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2)
2016—Cleveland Cavaliers (over Golden State Warriors 4-3)

Over the past couple of NBA season, it’s been extremely hard to look past the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference and LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference as the only legitimate candidates to actually win the NBA championship and bring the Larry O’Brien back home to one of their respective Ohio, Texas or California cities. And as you can from the above list of the L10 NBA champions, the Western Conference is just 6-4 over the last decade, with LeBron James helping to win three of the four Larry O’Brien Trophies for the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat twice (2012, 2013) and just last week thanks to a great 4th Quarter in Game 7 with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016)—his original NBA team and basically his hometown with the 31-year-old Akron (Ohio) native having attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron.

And it seems with this Confidence and a Roster surrounding him that believes and a weakening Eastern Conference, that the Cavaliers will again easily slide into the NBA Finals from the Eastern Conference. The current 4/11 odds say it all. So let’s talk about the West and what will be a perceived 4-horse race between the Draymond Green and the Warriors, LaMarcus Aldridge and the san Antonio Spurs , Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder  and Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers. And that’s logical and probably pretty realistic. So maybe five teams can win it all next year if everything goes right for them and they are fortunate enough to stay relatively healthy.

Although the Thunder traded crowd and teammate favorite Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the Draft Rights to Domantas Sabonis (Gonzaga) and that KD staying in the Sooner State is a perceived variable, Logic says Durant will end up staying in Oklahoma City with fellow superstar Russell Westbrook and with the evolution this past season of the Thunder’s two big men—Steven Adams (8.0 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.1 bpg) and Enes Kanter (12.7 ppg, 8.1 rpg)—that has to bring much Hope and makes taking a shot on Oklahoma City at 7/1 before the NBA Regular Season tips off (Oct. 25) both a fun and potentially profitable Future Odds ticket to have in your pocket.

If a team can dominate the Paint down low and the Rebounding as well as make it hard for opponents to get easy shots near the rim than it forces teams to have to be near-perfect from outside with their shots. And with Adams and Kanter, the Thunder have just that right now. And getting Indiana product Oladipo (16.9 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 3.9 apg), Turkish Forward Ersan Ilyasova and the really talented Lithuanian PF/C Sabonis may end up being the move of the year by Thunder General manager Sam Presti. This Roster could be stacked and with Adams, Kanter, Oladipo and Sabonis (28/1 to win NBA Rookie of the Year, at Bovada) all trying to show they can hang and Memories of coming so close to knocking off the Warriors, Oklahoma City really looks like a team to watch.

2016/17 Western Conference Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder 7/2
2016/17 NBA Champions: Oklahoma City Thunder 7/1

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