NBA Betting Preview: Who Could Beat Cleveland In The East?

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, July 23, 2015 6:32 PM UTC

Thursday, Jul. 23, 2015 6:32 PM UTC

Can anyone beat the Cavs this season. The NBA Odds to win the Eastern Conference are out from bet365, but Cleveland is once again a big favorite.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were supposed to be a year or so away from competing to win the Eastern Conference, but Lebron James proved that despite injuries, he is good enough to lead any team out of a still weaker conference. However the East is slowly catching up, and while it’s nowhere near the West, there are some interesting storylines coming out of the Eastern Conference future odds from Bet365 sportsbook.


Can Anyone Beat The Cavs?
This is a tough question to answer, especially in July. However, the answer is yes, but there are some disclaimers needed. The Cavs are huge favorites to win the East from bet365 at -200. The next closest team to them is the Chicago Bulls at +650, who had the Cavs on the ropes in the second round of the playoffs in the East, before they completely blew it. Cleveland brought back virtually their entire roster from last season, with the exception of Mo Williams coming in for JR Smith. While they haven’t re-signed Tristan Thompson just yet, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they do.

Williams is absolutely an upgrade for them, but as we’ve seen before, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are not the pinnacles of health examples in the NBA. Irving did play 75 games this past season, which was more than he has ever played before, but of course we saw him break his kneecap in the playoffs too. The Cavs should absolutely be the favorites this season to win the East, but they are also severely overvalued right now. An NBA Odds price of -140 would be the highest I would rank them at this point in the offseason, especially because they have yet to bring back Thompson. Plus, there are at least two teams in the East that could give the Cavs all they could handle if healthy this season.


The Two Teams Who Could Beat Cleveland In The East
Notice the key work in that subtitle is “could.” Things will once again have to go very wrong for the Cavs for these two teams to have a shot. The first is the Chicago Bulls, who are clearly the second best team in the conference right now. Chicago also brought back all their guys from last season minus their head coach, and even with a rookie head coach in place, if he can pull a Steve Kerr, the Bulls are much better than a +650 underdog to win this division. They have the most effective Lebron defender in the league newly re-signed to a huge max contract, they have a bench that is five or six guys deep, and they have the talent on both ends of the court to matchup with anyone on the Cavs minus of course Lebron. Pau Gasol is a better player than Kevin Love, and when healthy, Derrick Rose can outplay Irving. If Joakim Noah can have a bounce back season, and Fred Hoiberg can make this roster a top five offensive team, the Cavs are in trouble.

The other team may surprise some people, because they are ranked at +1400 to win the East, but the Miami Heat are also a very good team, and they are my pick to finish third behind Cleveland and Chicago. Miami also has their own health concerns, but after brining back Goran Dragic, this team looks like a threat in the East. A lot of things would have to go their way though. For starters they would need a healthy Dwyane Wade, which is easier said than done. They also need Chris Bosh to be the old Chris Bosh, which is also a rather large question mark after his scary ailment this season. However, with one of the best young centers in the NBA in Hassan Whiteside, and Luol Deng coming back for another season, along with rookie, Justice Winslow in the fold, this team is very dangerous. They are better than both the Hawks and Wizards, two teams who lost their glue guys this summer, and who are both +1200 to win the East from bet365. Don’t sleep in the team from South Beach this season. 

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