NBA Betting: Portland Trail Blazers Future Odds Update

Jordan Sharp

Friday, September 6, 2013 3:51 PM UTC

Friday, Sep. 6, 2013 3:51 PM UTC

The Blazers made strides last season under Terry Stotts, but it wasn’t enough and they once again finished in the lottery. What do their off-season betting odds look like so far?

Portland Trail Blazers future odds update

With some reported and refuted strife between star and franchise, will this year be another rebuilding season in Portland, or will they come together and fight for a playoff spot in the West? 

Future Odds (+12,500) 

Obviously the Blazers aren’t even on our radar as an NBA Title contender, but their NBA Odds this offseason can tell us a lot about how they will be valued during the preseason and regular season. However, some teams are valued much too high or low this offseason, but the Blazers seem adequately priced at 125/1 for our NBA Picks. Any higher than that would mean they have a real good chance at a playoff spot, and any lower would undervalue them too much with the talent they have. It could go well or very bad this season in the great northwest, but what happens during the last two months of 2013 will have a lot to do with it.

Win Now, or Lottery Bound

Like so many other teams will be doing this season, the Blazers are one of those teams that could tank just as easily as they could fight for a playoff spot. But why would anyone want to be the 8th seed out west just to get bounced likely in the first round? No one wants to be that team this season. There are teams wanting to get worse this offseason, and the Blazers are stuck right in the middle of being good or being terrible again.

Their play for the first two months of the season will have a lot to do with whether or not they sell at the deadline and tank with half of the league in an attempt to get a solid lottery pick in the deep 2014 draft. If they do fall short, they could easily trade LaMarcus Aldridge for multiple first round picks, including another one for 2014. Remember, the Blazers have to give up their first round pick to the Bobcats if they finish outside of the bottom 12 teams, and they are right on that cusp this offseason with the team they have. 


The Blazers were the facilitator in the Tyreke Evans/Greivis Vasquez sign and trade, and that netted them underrated big man Robin Lopez, along with Terrel Harris. In a separate deal this summer, the Blazers brought in former lottery pick, Thomas Robinson as well, and in free agency they signed Dorrell Wright.

The drafting of CJ McCollum is going to be great for this team, but I don’t expect the next coming of Damian Lillard with the pick. He is going to get babied for the first few months of the season, and the chemistry between him and Lillard is going to be a looming question coming into the preseason. Things are likely to move slowly with the Blazers and their young roster, and if they find themselves 12-20 SU by New Year’s Day, they will start to tank and sell off Aldridge to the highest bidder.

It is for these reasons why I think the Blazers may have some value as a fade at some point this season. While it may not be to start, I can’t see Portland as more than a 35-win team both SU and ATS this season. 

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