NBA Betting: Golden State Warriors Offseason Team Report

Jordan Sharp

Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:07 PM UTC

Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013 3:07 PM UTC

In one move this offseason, the Warriors were able to dump their two most undesirable contracts, and bring in an All-Star on the wing to help Stephen Curry and crew.

Warriors offseason team report

The NBA Odds for the Warriors aren’t anything to get excited about this offseason, but they are a team to watch out for ATS this season, and possibly next year for the Western Conference Championship.

2012-2013 recap

The Warriors burst onto the scene last season under stellar breakout campaigns from Curry, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson. Along with the seasoned veterans, including a somewhat healthy Andrew Bogut, the Warriors made their way to 5th in the West, and a first round playoff win against the Nuggets. They fought well against the Spurs, but fell just short in six games.

It was a season that anyone could be proud of, but the Warriors had two glaring problems last season. Their payroll was sabotaged by the horrendous deals to Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins. Those two guys were taking up nearly $20 million in cap space last season, and neither saw much court this season. That problem has been changed, and another one of their smaller issues has as well.


With the exception of the Brooklyn and Boston deal, the sign and trade the the Warriors pulled off was fantastic this season, They were able to bring in Utah and send the contracts of Beidrins, Jefferson and Brandon Rush to Utah, Randy Foye then went to the Nuggets, and the Warriors got back Andre Iguodala in return. The Jazz were compensated by a total of four draft picks as well, including two first and two second round picks.

For the Warriors, it may take a very long time to see if this trade is going in the Warriors’ favor, but on the surface of things it seems Golden State cam out way ahead. They get a talented, albeit past his prime wing defender and scorer in Iggy, and they shredded two of the worst contracts in Warriors’ history in the same deal. That trade will save them a lot of money heading into the free agency summer of 2014, and it brings them under the luxury tax for this season. Plus, Bogut’s deal is done after this season, and they could easily bring in another super star and resign Bogut at a home team discount.

Future Odds

The Warriors sit at +2500 to win the NBA Title this season, and although I think they are still a year away. We could be looking at the new Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors are in an incredible position with their contracts going into next season, but in this season I think they could still get to the Western Conference Finals. Obviously the health of Curry and Bogut is their main concern, and possibly even the healthy of Iggy, but if all goes well and those guys can play at least 70 or 80 games, this team is going to threaten the rest of the Western Conference. Watch out for the Warriors ATS for your NBA picks this season, they could be very underrated. 

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