NBA Betting: Friday's Top Teaser Picks

Jordan Sharp

Friday, January 11, 2013 4:47 PM UTC

Friday, Jan. 11, 2013 4:47 PM UTC

Let's mix up this bag of NBA betting nuts with some teasers for Friday night. Sometimes a line that we already like, gets even better when we manipulate the NBA odds for a small price on the Vig.

NBA Friday night Teaser picks

A big night in Association leads to many more NBA betting options, and tonight I've decided to utilize our teasers once again. Anything but picking a straight wager this season has been cruel to me, however with 11 games to choose from this evening, I have identified several lines that have 4 ½ point teaser value.

Jazz +9 & Bulls +8 ½

This one is by far one of my favorites for the evening, as I'm taking two four-point underdogs and basically doubling them. The Jazz are in Atlanta tonight visiting the highlight factory, and with how bad the Hawks have been playing recently, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Jazz win this game outright. So, for all you smart ones out there, that means I also like the Jazz tonight at +4 ½ betting odds. Utah's big man combo of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap will likely have plenty of battles against Atlanta's frontcourt combo of Josh Smith and Al Horford. I think in the long run, the Jazz will have the advantage.

The Bulls on the other hand head into Madison Square Garden this evening for one of the nationally televised games. Chicago opened taking five points and now it is down to four points for the evening. Adding 4 ½ points to the Bulls tonight should be pretty good value. Luol Deng is very good at defending Carmelo Anthony, and as long as Carlos Boozer is contributing on the offensive end, (which I expect him to do) he will not be a liability on defense against a smaller and quicker Knicks team. Also, even though the flight from Indianapolis to Chicago is short, we are reaching the point of the season were a team like the Knicks will start to wear down on the second night of a back-to-back. Take this as your first teaser for the evening.


Bucks -1 & Thunder -1

Another co-favorite of mine this evening is two favorites teased down to the money line. The Bucks are at home tonight against the Pistons, and when you take away 4 ½, it looks like solid value. The Pistons are not very good at all this season even though they have the talent to do it. A small problem with this game is that Monta Ellis sprained his ankle slightly in the Bucks’ game in Chicago on Wednesday, and although he is expected to play tonight, he might not be the same elusive and lightning quick player. However, the Bucs have enough backcourt firepower to make up for Ellis’ injury or potential absence against the Detroit Pistons.

The Thunder get to travel into Los Angeles to face off against the Lakers tonight, and on the road this evening they are -5 ½ favorites. Without the services of literally every big man on the roster worth mentioning for Los Angeles tonight, I expect the Thunder to once again mowed down the Lakers. Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka will have a field day on the boards without the Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol patrolling the paint, and not to mention the fact that the Lakers still do not have anyone that can guard Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook. This one might get ugly, folks.


Good luck with the rest of your sports picks tonight!

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