NBA Betting: Eastern Conference Power Rankings

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, April 4, 2013 7:00 PM UTC

Thursday, Apr. 4, 2013 7:00 PM UTC

We are less than ten games away from the end of the NBA regular season. In a few short weeks, the number of teams will be trimmed from 30 to 16, as they all vie for their chance at the NBA Title.

NBA Eastern Conference Power rankings update

Let’s look at my update power rankings from the East and see which teams are still playing and which ones are resting for the playoffs and how it might affect how you play against the NBA odds.

  1. Miami Heat (58-16 SU, 39-35 ATS, 1st in East standings) 

Is it redundant yet? The answer is yes. However repetitive it may be, the Heat once again grace us with the top spot in one of my final power rankings. Miami has clinched the number one seed in the East, and even though they are resting their stars some, I think there might still be a little bit of value you could squeeze out of Miami, you just need to know when to strike. If Miami starts to rest all three of their stars in a game, (instead of doing what they are now and sitting one or two of them at a time) they could be undervalued by the books and especially the public. I’m not going to auto-fade Miami if the Big Three sit. In fact I might tail them in the right spot, perhaps as slight home underdog really late in the season against a par to sub-par team?

  1. New York Knicks (48-26 SU, 40-33-1 ATS, 2nd in East standings)

Well would you look at that! Even though my picks have been more up and down than the rollercoasters I went on with my nephews yesterday, I think I can give advice with the best of them. Take the Knicks. I smartly faded them a lot early in the season, but just last week I noted how the Knicks had become profitable again. Sorry for quoting myself, but directly from last week I said, “I do think the Knicks can continue this run of profitability into the end of the season, they just have to play defense.” Since my last PR update the Knicks have gone 3-1 ATS and have continued to do exactly what the Sharp ordered, play defense. In their last three wins SU, New York has given up 89, 90 and 82 points respectfully. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  1. Indiana Pacers (48-27 SU, 42-33 ATS, 3rd in the East standings) 

While the Knicks have been playing well, the Pacers have (no pun intended) been keeping pace. Indiana has the best positive ATS record of any winning team in the East this season and while I think it’s about time for them to cool off if they haven’t already (2-1 ATS in their last three games). Indiana has been getting some good play from Roy Hibbert, which has made them into an imposing team close to the top of the East. However, in a potential 2nd round series with New York, I can’t see them having enough firepower to out muscle Carmelo Anthony.

  1. Brooklyn Nets (43-31 SU, 35-37-2 ATS, 4th in East standings)

Brooklyn has been chugging along besides the fact they too are also a bit banged up right now. Joe Johnson has missed the Nets’ last five games but according to reports, he looks like a go tonight against Chicago, an important game in the East. Gerald Wallace is also a bit banged up, but the Nets are definitely being extra cautious because of the playoffs being only a couple of weeks away. While I still am not a fan of Brooklyn night to night, they have been getting a little better on the consistency end, so maybe they could warrant a bet in the right spot for your NBA picks.

  1. Chicago Bulls
  2. Atlanta Hawks
  3. Milwaukee Bucks
  4. Boston Celtics

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