NBA Betting: 2014 All-Star Game Preview and Picks

Jordan Sharp

Saturday, February 15, 2014 3:57 PM GMT

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 3:57 PM GMT

The finale of All Star weekend features the East and Western conferences doing battle, and whether or not there is any defense played, I think there could be value in these NBA Odds.

NBA 2014 All-Star Weekend Betting Guide

The spread has the Western Conference favored at -4, with a huge total of 292. While other sportsbooks haven’t released NBA Odds for the game yet, BetOnline has the numbers out now, and I think we can jump on these early odds.

Scoring; name of an All Star Game

Obviously this is an exhibition game, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be guys trying to win the game, and trying to play hard. While it’s hard to nail down who these players are, we can speculate, and I can almost guarantee that one of them will be Kevin Durant.

Durant has been on a mission over the last season and the injury to Russell Westbrook hasn’t derailed the Thunder at all. Now in the All Star game with plenty of eyes on him, Durant is going to want to blow up against the best of the best.

Along with Durant, the West has three of the league’s current top five scorers, and along with Durant; Kevin Love and Stephen Curry are going to be virtually unstoppable. Lebron James cannot guard Durant, and he may be the only human on the planet Lebron can’t stop. Love creates a bad mismatch at the center position for whoever is going to play center for the East. On top of that, his frontcourt mate, Blake Griffin has several inches and at least 25 pounds over either member of the East’s starting frontcourt of Lebron and Carmelo Anthony.

Even though the coaches will sub early and often in order to matchup, the West is much bigger than the East, and much deeper as well. I think it will lead to a big win for the West in this game, with Durant being the reason why.

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The Sharp Pick

The West has been dominant in the last five years in the All Star Game, and they have won four of the last five years. I think the NBA Odds are undervaluing the West slightly in this game, and even though it will be hard to tell who will take this game seriously, it looks as if the West could have more of those guys on their roster.

Durant obviously is one, but the West’s total NBA Championships is nothing compared to the East’s. The West has only Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker who have championships, and with all of the West starters with no rings, it could be a situation where they all want to show up James and Wade in the starting lineup.

Obviously I’m speculating here, but just by thinking about it critically, the West seems like the all around better team. The starters for the West seem to fit better together, and while the East will be playing isolation with Lebron, Carmelo and Paul George all game, the West looks like they could work well together. Curry becomes a dominant facilitator along with Chris Paul if he plays a lot, and with all of the versatile bigs for the West, I see them dominating the East. The NBA Odds of West -4 is the way to go with our NBA picks for the All-Star game.

My Pick: West -4


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