Maximize Your Wednesday's NBA Picks With These Player Props

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 8:48 PM GMT

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015 8:48 PM GMT

With several consecutive positive days where betting NBA Player Props is concerned, we look to continue the streak as there's a full slate of games to rip apart and accept the profit. Here are your winning props for Wednesday.

Total Rebounds For Greg Monroe
Over 10.5 -150
Under 10.5- +120
When something is so obvious such as this prop, you're going to get unfavorable NBA odds. I happen to like the over here as Monroe has been on a major tear as of late with 6 consecutive games of 10 rebounds or more.

Basically he's a walking double-double that head coach Stan Van Gundy had to install into the starting lineup. Tonight, the Pistons play a weak 76'ers team. I have one concern and that's the blowout factor. Nonetheless, this is a spectacular opportunity to cash a prop. Bet the Over.

NBA Pick- Over 10.5 -150 


How Many Points Will Lebron James Score?
Over 27.5 -130
Under 27.5- EV
I have been spot on with my Lebron James props. Sometimes, he takes matters into his own hands and other times, he defers, allowing his teammates to get into the flow of the offense. What I've discovered is that with tougher opponents, James looks for his offense more. In his last two games, he's scored 34 points against OKC and 32 against an improved Detroit team. 

NBA Pick- Look for LBJ to go over the total as the Cavs face a very tough Portland Trail Blazers squad.


How Many Rebounds + Assists Will Lebron James Have?
Over 13.5 -115
Under 13.5 -115
This is a very transparent prop. Whenever James scores a higher total, his rebounding and assists are secondary and therefore less. This trend has been very consistent as I've gone back over 10 games and the trend hasn't wavered. This is a hit or miss prop due to the scoring prop. Simply put, look for James' point total to go up while his dishing and glass cleaning decrease a tad. In simpler form, take the under.

NBA Pick- Under 13.5 -115


How Many Points Will Mason Plumlee Score?
Over 11.5 -135
Under 11.5 +105
Plumlee has become a major force in the Brooklyn offense. So much that the Nets are shopping Brook Lopez around to other teams.

Plumlee is an energy player with "mad hops." He's such an athletic player that he's been asked to take part in the NBA Slam Dunk Competition during All-Star Week. Not only can Plumlee rebound, but he has a very soft touch for a big man. He also plays on a team in which he will have a ton of opportunities to score. With all of that said, Plumlee seems to like the number 11 as he's scored 11 points in 3 of his last 5 games and under the prop total of 11.5 in 4 out of 5 games. The Nets will need his offense against the most improved team in the NBA in the Atlanta Hawks.

I'm actually torn here as the trends say that this prop will go under, but I look for Plumlee to be a major factor tonight. Take the over. "In Plumlee We Trust".

NBA Pick-  Over 11.5 -135


How Many Points Will Paul Millsap Have?
Over 16.5 -125
Under 16.5 -105
The combination of Millsap and Horford has been a major force as of late. In his last 3 out of 4 games, Millsap has scored 20 points or more. The only concern that I have is the blowout factor in Atlanta's favor, but in order to get to that point, Millsap would've had to be a major contributor. He's not a superstar, but he's a definite "2nd tier player" and most teams would take the production that he provides any day of the week. For our NBA picks, take the 'over' on this one.

NBA Pick-  Over 16.5 -125

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