LeBron Shines & Curry Shows Up Late to the Party: What Did We Learn From Game 3?

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:07 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2015 3:07 PM UTC

LeBron is continuing to write history, and he may not stop until we all question the Michael Jordan versus LeBron James discussion. Let's discuss last night's game & how we should bet Game 4.

LeBron James is still good at basketball
If this was even still a question, but what LeBron James is doing in these playoffs is nothing short of legendary. Once again even though he didn’t shoot well from the floor last night, James was doing everything, and it is too much for the Warriors to handle right now. James has scored into the 40s in two of the three games so far in these finals, and in the history of the NBA, no one has scored as many points in the first three games of an NBA Finals than James. The NBA odds for his point totals for each game have kept going up, and anyone who has been following the recommendations of the over with James in this series, I hope you buy your wife or girlfriend something nice. Can it continue? I have no idea. All I know is that just one championship in Cleveland would mean more to the city and to Lebron’s legacy than anything he has done in the past, including the two titles in Miami.

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I was one game off on my Matthew Dellavedova prediction of over 10.5 points, because after only scoring nine in Game 2, Dellavedova exploded for 20 points last night, and outside of LeBron he was the best two-way player on the floor. This is another reason this series continues to baffle me. I’ve been wrong on a lot of things and it doesn’t bother me because of how good and unpredictable this series has become. Delly was outstanding last night until the very end of the game when Stephen Curry turned it on and single-handedly brought the Warriors back in that game. We found out later in the evening that Delly was hospitalized with severe cramping, but this kid plays with his heart on his sleeve, and it might take getting hit by a Mack Truck to keep him from playing tomorrow night. He was reportedly feeling better after getting an IV at the hospital though.


Curry’s shot
For the first 10 quarter of this series, Stephen Curry’s shot has been the biggest question mark of this series so far. He came out of half time in Game 3 and went 3/5 in the 3rd quarter, but his biggest hot streak came late in the fourth. Curry hit four threes in the fourth quarter and had five total field goals in the 4th to almost steal that game from the Cavs. The question mark remains however, will that carry over into Game 4 tomorrow night? I think it might, because Curry doesn’t seem like a prolonged slump-prone guy. His shot is too good, and now that the nerves seem to be getting out of the way, and desperation is starting to set it, don’t be surprised if Curry is done with his shooting slump. I know this article is entitled, “What We Learned,” but things in this series have been pretty unpredictable so far, and that has made for a very dramatic and tough to learn-from.

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