Irresistible NBA Odds in Team Prop Market for Cavaliers & Warriors: First Points, Last Points & Alternative Spread

Jordan Sharp

Sunday, June 7, 2015 2:30 PM UTC

Sunday, Jun. 7, 2015 2:30 PM UTC

These team props offer tremendous betting value for tonight's NBA finals. Some handicappers are projecting as a sweep, and if that’s true we only have a few more NBA games to get some value out of.

Team To Score The First Ten Points Of The Game
Adam Sandler movies usually aren’t that great. Sure, he has some classics like Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore and others, but for every good one there is a Grown Ups 2 or a Pixel waiting around the corner. However there is a line that sticks out from his film, Mr. Deeds, and its “don’t underestimate the sneakiness.” This is going to be true of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the rest of this series. With everyone counting them out, there is money to be made on the Cavs. For instance, normally when a home team wins Game 1 at home, they tend to relax in the second game. Combine that with the Warriors tendency to start slow, (see the 1st quarter of Game 1 for reference) and the fact that even the Warriors might be counting their championships before they hatch now, the Cavs are a superb value to start hot and get to ten points first. Bovada sportsbook has them at +140 to get to 10 points before the Dubs, and I am all over it tonight.

NBA Team Prop Pick: Cavs (+140)

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Alternate Point Spread (15 1/2)
While a hot start from the Cavs is not out of the question at all, and while it may ruin this NBA pick if it lasts as long as the one from Game 1 did, if Steve Kerr has his young team ready to play in this game, the Warriors should run away with it, and there isn’t much that Lebron James or any other Cavalier can do about it. Not counting the playoffs, in games where the Cavs didn’t have Kyrie Irving in the regular season, they were 1-6 SU, and in the six games they lost, they did so by an average margin over almost 12 points. This was also against lesser teams than the Dubs. I could easily see the Warriors winning this one by 16 points or more, even if Lebron James goes nuts again. With the amazing NBA Odds of +240, it’s too shiny to pass on.

NBA Team Prop Pick: Warriors -15 ½ (+240)


Last Scoring Play Of The Game
If indeed this one is a blowout, then the last play of the game likely won’t be a free throw, which is favored at -115. Instead I’m guessing that a garbage time layup, much like the last game will be the final play of the game. Bovada sportsbook has the NBA odds for such a play at +125, which should be a really good value, if indeed we have a game that is out of reach in the final seconds. Hedging this one with a free throw or three pointer (+550) might also be a solid play tonight, but I think a two-point shot is going to be the last scoring play of the game.

NBA Team Prop Pick; 2-point field goal (+125)

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