How To Handicap The Brooklyn Nets Without Kevin Durant


Nets’ Future Odds

NBA Championship Odds: (+2500)

Eastern Conference Odds: (+800)

Atlantic Division Odds: (+500)

Season Win Total: (44.5)

Nets Remain Undervalued Despite No Durant

Even though their biggest free-agent haul from the offseason might not see the floor next season, the players that will could be considered one of the East’s best. They may not have enough to get over the top without Durant, but it may be enough to make some waves in the playoffs as potential underdogs.

Deandre Jordan and Jarrett Allen are going to be a dynamic force down low splitting minutes at center, while Kyrie Irving is going to continue giving teams headaches, just now doing it at Barclays Center more often.

They may be really undervalued on the wing. Taurean Prince is going to be huge for this team while Durant is out, especially on the defensive end. Add in the shooting of Joe Harris and the playmaking of Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie and this team is going to be trouble for most of the East, and even most of the Western Conference too.

They may still be a bit too young to do anything about it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t potentially be undervalued at times to start the season.

If these guys would have joined the Knicks, I would have said to fade them constantly next season. However, the Nets are a small market team playing in a huge market. They’ll have hype, but they are still the Nets. The betting public may still undervalue them when they know Durant isn’t playing.

ATS Makeup

Last season the Nets played pretty fast. Not only was this good for overs, but their defense was middle of the road for most of the year too. The addition of Jordan should help the defense some, but the offense is going to go through the roof with Irving leading the charge.

The Nets have a ton of options as well, like going small. This, combined with a top 10 pace is going to be really tough for most of the league to guard.

Imagine their “death lineup,’ possibilities. Last year they got traction with Jared Dudley playing power forward. Now they can go three guards plus Prince and a center and be deadly offensively.

The sportsbooks will catch on to this, but at the beginning of the year. I’m going to be targeting the Nets early in the year as dogs when they play more established contenders.

On top of that, they may be great ‘over’ plays both on full game and in the first half and quarter. If they still play up in pace, it wouldn’t surprise me if they make the leap as a top 10, maybe even a top 5 offense in 2019-20.

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