Free NBA Picks: Predicting 2015 Playoff Teams

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 1:38 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 1:38 PM UTC

With the NBA season starting tonight, I am ready to share my free picks & predictions for all 16 playoff teams, along with their NBA odds to win the championship. 

Eastern Conference:

Chicago Bulls (+600)

Washington Wizards (+3300)

Toronto Raptors (+5000)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+250)

Brooklyn Nets (+6500 at Bet365)

Miami Heat (+5000)

Charlotte Hornets (+6600)

New York Knicks (+5000)

I know what you’re thinking and you may be right, but for me, the Bulls are going to edge out the Cavaliers this season in the Central Division, leading the Cavs to have no better than the 4th seed. It will be close, but I thik Chicago has the depth and the defense to once again win 55 or more game. If they can get to 60, they may be good enough to beat the Cavs in the standings. Cleveland isn’t as deep as Chicago, and while it might turn out differently in the postseason, I think Chicago can beat Cleveland in wins.

I see the Wizards taking a big leap as long as Bradley Beal’s injury doesn’t hurt them too much early on, and the only playoff newcomer in the East is the Knicks coming in at 8th. I would like to think that the Hornets might be able to squeeze their way up the standings a spot or two, but they are largely unproven. In the end the East will likely come down to the Bulls or Cavs duking it out somewhere in the playoffs.


Western Conference:

San Antonio Spurs (+375)

Oklahoma City Thunder (+700)

Los Angeles Clippers (+850)

Golden State Warriors (+1600)

Houston Rockets (+2200)

Dallas Mavericks (+1600)

Portland Trailblazers (+4000)

Memphis Grizzlies (+5000)

The West for me is a lot similar to where is was last year, however with a few slight changes. My top three NBA Picks will remain the same from 2013-2014, while the Mavs and Warriors take big leaps at the expense of the Rockets and Blazers. I would like to put Dallas ahead of the Rockets like the Bovada NBA Odds to win the title suggest, but in the end I coulnd’t do it. I do think the Mavs are going to be a strong team this season with the additions they’ve made, and they should be the best they’ve been since their title run in 2010-2011.

The Spurs should stay at the top of they can stay healthy, and even with Kevin Durant missing the first month of the season, I expect the Thunder to stay around the two seed in the West. The team that may be the most intriguing is the Clippers, who have the talent to beat either one of those teams in a seven game series, but they’ve yet to do it. Could this be the year that Doc Rivers’ LA crew put it all together?

On the bottom, I think the Blazers are due for a regression. Things fell into place well for them last season, but I don’t know if they improved enough to take that next leap like some are projecting they will. However it would not surprise me to see the West have another seven or eight teams with 50 wins. 

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