Free NBA Picks for All of 2014-15's Hottest Prop Betting Odds

Joe Catalano

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 3:05 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 3:05 PM UTC

It's the start of a brand new NBA season and as I scatter around Bovada Sportsbook, what better better way to ring in the new 2014-2015 NBA season with some diverse betting props. Read on for all of our free NBA picks on this year's prop betting options.

Total Assists Per Game- Rajon Rondo

Over 10.5 -115

Under 10.5 -115

We start off by saying that the Celtics have been gutted of its veterans and it's a very young basketball team. Rajon Rondo, who is coming off injury, doesn't want to be part of this team and is actually one of the elder-statesmen on the Celtics squad. Rondo isn't known for his ability to shoot, he's known for his ability to dish the rock and make others better. This is the perfect team in which he can do so. 10.5 is a very low total if Rondo remains healthy.

Pick- Over 10.5 -115


Total Rebounds Per Game For Brook Lopez

Over 6.5 -115

Under 6.5 -115

Lopez is chomping at the bits to get back in action after an early season injury last season. He's also not known for his ability to rebound, but this total is quite low. Brooklyn won't have Paul Pierce anymore and clearly this is Brook Lopez's basketball team. Look for Lopez to have a huge year this season and that includes "cleaning the glass".

Pick- Over 6.5 -115


Total Points Per Game For Derrick Rose

Over 20.5 -115

Under 20.5 -115

I know that Pau Gasol will be sharing some of the scoring load for the Bulls, but Carlos Boozer is now in L.A. This prop is laughable regarding the former league MVP. This is an easy over. Rose can hurt a team in so many ways and if he can stay healthy, 20.5 points is a very low number in my opinion. I suggest that you bet the maximum that your online sportsbook allows.

Over 20.5 -115 - BEST BET


Total Points Per Game For Lebron James

Over 26.5 -115

Under 26.5 -115

One would think that James is trying to wins championships and not scoring titles. With Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving on the Cavs, expect LBJ to average a near triple-double, but less points this season in the Cavaliers run for the title as the betting favorites in the league.

Pick- Under 26.5 -115


Total Points Per Game For Tyson Chandler

Over 9.5 -115

Under 9.5 -115

If any of you caught a Knicks game last season, you would've noticed that he's clearly not the same player. In fact, the Knicks managed to dump him to his old team in Dallas. While Chandler can rebound and block the basketball, scoring isn't one of his strengths.

Pick- Under 9.5 -115


Total Games Played For Dwayne Wade

Over 65 -115

Under 65 -115

This would mean that if you take the over, Wade could miss 16 games and still win. Miami is back to being D.Wade's team. He's also implemented the Lebron James diet plan to add endurance and years to his career. Wade had a lousy season last year, hampered by injuries. The King is gone, making Wade 'Over' 65 games played the best choice for your NBA picks.

Pick- Over 65 -115


Total Points For Paul Pierce

Over 13 -115

Under 13 -115

Washington is a basketball team with a ton of young talent. Paul Pierce had a miserable season last year with Brooklyn and 13 points was attainable. Even though the ball will need to be shared, I look for Pierce to be one of the leaders on the Wizards squad with his veteran leadership. Pierce can score 13 points in his sleep; it's a matter of playing time.

Pick- Over 13 -115


Odds to Win the NBA MVP

Lebron James 10/11

I'm not in love with this year's NBA MVP odds, but with an injured Kevin Durant to start off the season and Lebron James back in Cleveland, it would be wise to choose the almost even money bet with the best player on the planet.

Stay tuned as we will have more NBA Betting Props available to you. There are plenty of attractive props to choose from and we thank Bovada Sportsbook for providing the betting lines.

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