Free NBA Pick: Cash In With our Top O/U Plays Of the Night for 3/30

Joe Catalano

Monday, March 30, 2015 2:43 PM UTC

Monday, Mar. 30, 2015 2:43 PM UTC

Some teams have had players resting late in the season & the offensive outputs have been lower. Is the under the play in a majority of the games? Time to post the NBA picks.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76'ers
Two Bottom Feeders
This is a primary case of what I just mentioned. You have two teams with very weak offenses and different lineups implemented every night. The only issue could be the Los Angeles Lakers NBA odds dog on the road for this one and they allow 104.6 points per game. That might have been more of an issue earlier in the season, but now the inefficient Lakers are starting bench warmers such as Ryan Kelly out of Duke. This just tells you how desperate and deep that these teams are, digging into their lineups for offense.

What this game comes down to are a bunch of inefficient shooters that are turnover prone. There's a reason why players such as Jeremy Lin are moving from team to team. There was Linsanityin New York and now it's just insanity as Lin is a turnover machine.

Where the Sixers are concerned. Nerlens Noel provides some talent to a team that sorely needs it, but his offensive game simply isn't polished. If anything, Noel makes a great case for the under as he can do it all on the defensive end, whether it be blocking shots, rebounding, or steals. Offensively, most of his work comes off of layups. With names such as Clarkson, Sampson, Richardson, and M'bah a Moute, it's very clear that these team are in the rebuilding process and we won't see any 20 point per game shooters here, unless the respective player takes 20 shots.

Under is 9-4 in the Lakers last 13 games overall

Under is 16-7 in the Sixers last 23 games overall

Under is 3-0-1 in the last 4 head to head matchups 

NBA Pick- Under 193.5 at 5 Dimes


Phoenix Suns vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Up and Down Continuous Action
201.5 is a very low betting total for two teams that possess the offensive firepower that these teams do. Portland is such a strong team that Aaron Afflalo can barely get minutes. One move that Phoenix has made that has benefited them greatly is implementing Marcus Morris into the starting lineup. In college. Marcus was the bigger offensive threat than his brother Markieff, but it hasn't been that way in the pros. 

With Brandon Knight out and Goran Dragic traded, this has opened the door for Marcus to showcase his skills and although it hasn't translated into wins, it's translated into more points for Phoenix. In his last 5 games, Morris has averaged 16.2 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. I simply love the move and don't know why it wasn't made a long time ago.


Phoenix Can't Stop "The Big 2"
Phoenix is a team that can put up the points (103.8 ppg) but they're also a team that has no defense (103.5 ppg.). Damian Lillard should have no problem in getting open shots or feeding LaMarcus Aldridge the basketball as the Blazers have the advantage in this game.

As for this totals NBA pick is good to remember Portland is coming off of a 120-114 victory over Denver and I think that they will carry the offensive momentum over to this game against a team in the Suns that can't play defense. Against Denver, Aldridge had 32 points and 11 rebounds while Lillard the double-digit assist man, but Lillard is an 18.2 ppg. player that's quite capable of stealing the show himself. This game has over written all over it.

NBA Pick- Over 201.5 at 5Dimes

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