Eastern Conference Race Sees Hornets & Celtics' NBA Betting Value Increasing

Kevin Stott

Thursday, December 24, 2015 4:29 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015 4:29 PM UTC

Let’s take an updated look at the Eastern Conference odds and try to come up with a decent way to approach this market and provide a solid and entertaining NBA pick or two.

Strategy Needed To Try To Make Money In This Market With Cavs Now -300 Favorites
Betting on Eastern Conference Futures since LeBron James came into the NBA has been basically about either getting onboard and trying to ride the Akron, Ohio native’s broad shoulders or trying to fade (betting against his team) him, hoping there is some Kryptonite in your side/bet to try to stop Superman. And it hasn’t been easy. Have you ever stood in front of a Mack Truck doing 77 mph coming down the Highway? I thought not. This year, it may have to be some Unusual Suspects who try to de-throne King James and the defending Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers (18-7), as the teams who seemingly had a shot last season like the Chicago Bulls (15-11, L3), Atlanta Hawks (18-12, W4) and the Toronto Raptors (18-12) just don’t seem to have the heart and drive and Rosters to try to win the East this go-around despite their Records. Desire matters. And when looking at Records of teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference or the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL, it’s always mathematically important to remember what division (Colts) or conference (Bulls, Hawks, Raptors) they play in. It’s always really easy to catch Rainbow Trout in the stocked Fishing Pond.
Anyway, here are the updated NBA odds from Online sportsbook Bovada, and as you can see, the time to take the Cavaliers—for those wishing to do so—would have been around a month ago when the odds were at +300 (3/1) and not now, where there are -300 (1/3). Seems small in a way but Sports Gamblers—especially Horse players—know the (potential payout) difference between 3/1 and 1/3 is like the difference between White Castle single and a Fatburger triple-cheeseburger. (Go away, you In-N-Out snobs. You know nothing.) The time to take the Cavaliers in the East in this market has quickly passed for me. And even though with this Roster, with LeBron and Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, Cleveland will likely win the Eastern Conference after another tough fight—maybe with the Boston Celtics again—taking a shot on a young, upstart team with some perceived decent value is the only route at this point in Time in my mind in this particular market where finding a winner with some value and even a little entertainment through the years has been hard since LeBron’s arrival.


Eastern Conference Update
Cleveland Cavaliers -259
Chicago Bulls +850
Miami Heat +2200
Indiana Pacers +2800
Atlanta Hawks +1000
Toronto Raptors +900
Boston Celtics +2800
Washington Wizards +1800
Detroit Pistons +6600
New York Knicks +8000
Milwaukee Bucks +1250
Charlotte Hornets +17500
Orlando Magic +17500
Brooklyn Nets +125000
Philadelphia 76ers +300000


Sometimes In Sports Gambling It’s Good to Actually Gamble Some...
With Cleveland moving from a +300 favorite to now -300 in this marketplace, it speaks volumes about Oddsmakers and NBA Bettors perceptions of who wins this conference and how easily, and also says something about the disappointment in teams like the Chicago Bulls (+850 to win NBA Championship, Bovada), the Atlanta Hawks (+1000 to win NBA Championship, Bovada) and the Toronto Raptors (+900) more than anything—all teams who had admirable showings in the Eastern Conference last season but all of whom seem to lack that same bite or have made significant improvements to their Rosters to try to overtake LeBron James and the Cavaliers (-300 to win NBA Championship, Bovada). And in the Windy City, there seem to be bigger problems reportedly in the Locker Room and one can’t help but think this franchise should have traded G Derrick Rose away five years ago instead of grasping onto the idea that the Simeon High School (Chicago) product would ever have healthy knees and be the leader and type of player to take return the Bulls to the NBA Finals. Like team owner Jed York of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, the man (Rose) is holding the Bulls hostage basically and why club Owner Jerry Reinsdorf and management haven’t tried to trade him to say, someone like the Boston Celtics (+2800 to win NBA Championship, Bovada) for a couple of young players like Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger is beyond me. Another classic example of the Tail wagging the Dog in professional sports and fans feeling helpless and wondering where and when it’s going to end. And when York sells the 49ers and Rose leaves the Bulls, it will still take some Time (years) for these historic organizations to right their respective ships.

Anyway, the best idea in my mind here is to grab your Saddle and throw her on the Southeast Division’s Charlotte Hornets (15-12) to win the conference, a team some Smarts have apparently glommed on to as the odds here in this Eastern Conference Future Book marketplace have dropped to +17500 (Bovada) currently (Jan. 25) as this team continues to impress. With PG Kemba Walker, SG Nicolas Batum, C Al Jefferson, PF Marvin Williams and SF PJ Hairston, the Defense-minded Hornets (#8 in NBA, 99.1 ppg Allowed) and Head Coach Steve Clifford have a really solid starting group and with C Cody Zeller (Indiana), C Spencer Hawes (Washington), F Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin), Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina) and G Jeremy Lin (Harvard), among others, Charlotte (102.4 ppg-99.1 ppg) could have a very bright Future and remember that G Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Shoulder Surgery) is out now and may be able to return for the Hornets, should they make the Postseason—and almost everyone in the NBA does, especially in this weak but improving Eastern Conference. Although realistically, probably a couple of years away from really blossoming as a team, Charlotte’s (+30000 to win NBA Championship, Bovada) Roster is very impressive and young now and if they stay together and grow as a team, Owner Michael Jordan will be telling Team Manager Rich what a great job he has done putting the pieces—something his Airness should probably be thinking about doing right about now. In the context of finding teams with value who can possibly upset the Cavaliers in a postseason series, it seems only these Hornets and maybe Bradley and the Boston Celtics (+6600 to win NBA Championship, Bovada) could do so from this apathetic field as the NBA picks.

NBA Eastern Conference Future Picks: Charlotte Hornets +17500, Boston Celtics +2800 at Bovada

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