Eastern Conference Odds: Which Beast Will Take The East

Eastern Conference Odds: Which Beast Will Take The East

The Milwaukee Bucks are without a doubt the best team based on their win-loss record this season, but they’re not the best team to win the NBA Championships in online betting markets. That notion is highlighted in several NBA futures, namely the prop bet that allows bettors to pick the winner based on the conference they reside in.

BetOnline is offering an early NBA finals line with the Western Conference champion priced at -300 against the Eastern Conference champion priced at +250. Obviously, there are several reasons why the market has taken such a one-sided stance. The Golden State Warriors are proven champions, but they are also, by and large, the popular bet amongst NBA bettors.

Another interesting fact to take stock of is that the Bucks are priced in plus-money to win the Eastern Conference title at +175 and they are closely followed by the Toronto Raptors at +200. Both, in turn, have the Boston Celtics giving them a run for their money at +400.

Here is a complete view of the Eastern Conference market to win this field’s title courtesy of BetOnline as of April 8, 2019.

Milwaukee Bucks +175

Toronto Raptors +200

Boston Celtics +400

Philadelphia 76ers +450

Brooklyn Nets +4000

Charlotte Hornets +4000

Detroit Pistons +4000

Indiana Pacers +4000

Unlike the Western Conference where the Warriors are favored by a country mile and well inside minus-money, the field of play in the East is tighter than an accountant’s purse. The way the market stacks up, you could say it is anybody’s game.

The case against the Milwaukee Bucs is their lack of experience. Few are convinced, despite their undeniable win-loss record this season, that they are ready to challenge for the ultimate prize, especially when considering the potential opponents they might face in the final – Warriors, or, even, Rockets.

There are those that feel the Toronto Raptors are better built for a championship run, which is why they’re nestled ever so closely on the NBA odds board. All those previous defeats and failures could prove to be the catalyst for finally getting it right. And, If push comes to shove, the Raptors take on the Bucks in the Eastern Conference final, experts are of the opinion the battle-tested Raptors will be better equipped.

There are those that would go so far as to suggest they’d be better equipped as well in the NBA Finals and come to the good on their rather large price tag currently in play because they are insanely talented and deep, they can defend against the best of them and can hurt teams from the outside.