How Long Will Lakers Be Without LeBron James?

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How Long Will Lakers Be Without LeBron James?

The Lakers have lost their last two games in a row without LeBron James in the lineup and if reports out of Los Angeles are correct, James may be looking at a couple of weeks on the shelf. Staring at a three-game week, the Lakers and bettors must come to terms with how we will look at this team without one of the game’s greats. This is all before they have to play the Kings again on Sunday.

Even though their first two games without James were losses, they covered on Thursday against the Kings before looking like they were going to cover against the Clippers on the next night, only to fall apart in the second half due to fatigue.

However, for the upcoming week, the schedule doesn’t get much easier. The Thunder come to town on Wednesday after the Lakers get a couple of days off. After a visit by the Knicks on Friday, the Lakers head back on the road to Minnesota on Sunday, January 6.

The Knicks should be easy money, but the other two games are probably losses without James in the lineup. Considering the Lakers have been up and down ATS over the first half of the James era, they may start to become undervalued by both the betting public and the sportsbooks while James is out.

Kings Continue To Cash

The Kings have been my biggest money-maker this season, but not just for their ATS success. Early in the season they were a much better bet because the public wasn’t clued into how good they were yet. However, there are other avenues where the Kings have still been low-key making bettors money.

For instance, the Kings are 20-5 cashing the over against fellow Western Conference teams. They are also 11-0 cashing the over on the road against fellow Western Conference teams heading into Sunday’s game.

This is likely due to how fast they have been playing. The Kings have a pace of more than 105 possessions per 48 minutes this season, and with most Western Conference teams pushing the pace too, the Kings should continue to be a good inner-conference road play on the over.

Big Value Games Not On TV

Usually the NBA does a good job of fixing up their weekly schedule with the league’s best games on most nights. However, it’s college football and NFL playoff season over the next few weeks, so there are a few games not on national TV that could be both really good games to watch and bet.

On Monday, Houston plays host to the Grizzlies in what could be a great game for the road team with Chris Paul banged up. Dallas and Oklahoma City should also be a good value target if Paul George is still out and both teams playing for the second time in a row.

Thursday’s TNT schedule is great too, but the lone game not on TV that night may be a better betting target. The fast-paced Kings offense play the slow-down and defend Nuggets in Sacramento. Several of the injured Nuggets are close to making a return and they could shift the NBA Odds for that game making it a great play.

Speaking of good Kings home games, the Warriors come to Sacramento on Saturday this week.