Clippers & Russell Wilson to Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 4:05 PM UTC

Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2014 4:05 PM UTC

Each week, Swinging Johnson will be writing on all the latest sports rumors and gossip that could affect the player’s performances, and thus your chances of beating the sports betting odds. This week we focus on Donald Sterling's comments, and Russell Wilson's divorce.

Far from a Sterling Performance
Donald Sterling is a billionaire who owns an NBA franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  But the sad truth is that all he ever wanted to be was a not-so-humble cotton farmer. His incendiary words were captured on tape and sold to that bastion of journalistic integrity TMZ which would come back to haunt him, expose him and may ultimately cost him a seat at the NBA owner’s table. 

The pretty young thang at his side, ironically of Hispanic and African American descent, captured all of his anachronistic views in one inglorious recording that has ignited a nationwide debate on racism at the highest levels of a league whose very existence depends primarily on the athletic prowess of black athletes. You can be sure this is music to the ears of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both of whom have cultivated an industry predicated on self-righteous indignation at any real or manufactured racial slight. They'll both get plenty of mileage out of this event.

But we’re not looking for a racial dialogue here at SBR, at least not when it comes to assessing the NBA odds and seeking an angle to exploit. Therefore, in our quest for the pathetically superficial we will attempt to analyze the Clippers mentality and use that to our advantage. This could have gone one of two ways but NBA commissioner Adam Silver donned a flowing blond wig, a chest of armor and a crimson cape, then suddenly morphed into Thor and dropped the hammer! He banned Sterling from the NBA for life plus a maximum fine of $2.5 million while urging the NBA owners to move to oust him from his ownership position. 

Based on last Tuesday night's game, Silver not only handled the situation, he inspired the Clippers and they went on to a 10 point win and cover over the Golden State Warriors.  It appears that this has had a galvanizing effect on the team and if I'm looking at potential Western Conference champions then I might just plunk a few bucks on the Clips in your bookmakers adjusted playoff prices.


Russell Wilson, Divorcee
Russell Wilson is a good guy who learned a hard lesson: a man is only as faithful as his options. After winning the Super Bowl, you can bet this young man had plenty of options. He informed the press last week that he was divorcing his high school sweetheart and wife of two years Ashton Russell so he could explore new coochie without recriminations... Sorry, I added that last part, but I'm merely saying what everyone is thinking. 

While we shall all cry softly into our pillows this evening, bemoaning the love torn asunder by the sins of the flesh, our immediate thoughts wander into the realm of how will this affect Wilson's play, (if at all) and can we take advantage of what could play a huge role in a one-and-done Super Bowl campaign? After all, wasn't it the destruction of a marriage that turned Tiger into a kitty? Perhaps the same will be true of Russell Wilson. If so, can we make bank on his heartbreak? still has the Seahawks as their odds-on-favorite at 6-1 in NFL odds to repeat as Super Bowl champs but perhaps the Packers at 14-1 or the Saints at 18-1 are now a bit more appetizing than they were last week.  I would be leery to back the Seahawks this season.  Russell Wilson is now officially a bachelor and nothing says freedom like lap dances at 3 AM on game day.  You've been warned.

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