Analyst Calls Lakers 'The Kardashians of the NBA'


The article chronicles the recent dysfunction of the Lakers and it includes quotes from sources within the team about how they mishandled Klutch Sports and a disconnect with the coaching staff, to mention a few. Holmes reported that:

“Virtually all of the Lakers’ young talent was publicly dangled in trade talks for superstar Anthony Davis, sowing mistrust between those players and management — and between those players and James. Johnson and Pelinka allowed James’ management team what was considered unusual access by many people around the team and league. And tensions boiled over in an early February locker room blow-up. All of it put the organization in a near-constant state of disarray, as epitomized on the night of their final regular-season game, when Johnson resigned without telling anyone in the organization, including Buss. Three days later, coach Luke Walton and the organization agreed to part ways.”

Today’s edition of ESPN’s Get Up!, discussed the article and Jay Williams described the Lakers perfectly:

“I think I’m finally ready to say it. The Lakers are the Kardashians of the NBA. It’s the best reality show on TV. And a good friend gave me some advice about the Kardashians, ‘no matter how bad you want to hook up with them, don’t do it.’ This whole thing starts from the top, the first thing I read in the article about Linda Rambis being the shadow owner for Jeanie Buss, that gives you a lot of insight into what people think about Jeanie Buss and what people think about the ownership. This whole thing has turned into a house of cards.”

Williams is right, the NBA Finals start on Thursday and one of the biggest stories in the league is how much of a mess the Lakers are. Things have gotten out of control in a way that could even scare off potential free agent targets.

Rob Pelinka telling a lie about setting up a dinner for Kobe Bryant and Heath Ledger – following the actor’s death, all in front of Lakers players and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a clear example of how much of a disaster Pelinka has been as a general manager. Jazz Sports has the Lakers at +1700 to win the 2019-20 NBA Championship.