5 Best NBA Free Agents Remaining


Kenneth Faried

When given the opportunity last year when Clint Capela was out for a couple of months, Kenneth Faried proved that he is still very capable of playing in this league. The Morehead State product was not much help protecting the rim, but his rebounding on both ends of the court was huge for the Rockets.

Faried likely won’t demand much on the open market, so he is an intriguing minimum candidate for several teams. He would be a great addition to either team in Los Angeles, but with the Clippers re-signing JaMychal Green, Faried makes perfect sense for the Lakers. The purple and gold re-signed JaVale McGee and grabbed DeMarcus Cousins, who will likely start, but they are still in need of some depth behind those two. Faried would fit that bill well.

Jamal Crawford

Speaking of players who may be good fits for the Lakers. Jamal Crawford may be one of the oldest players in the NBA, but he still has the ability to get buckets off the bench. With top-heavy rosters being created all throughout the league, Crawford will have his pick of a number of teams to play for and be their sixth or seventh man.

Crawford may not be able to play 30 minutes every night, but if he can latch on to a team and commit to being used sparingly in the regular season, he could be a key component for a team with championship aspirations once we get to next April.

Jabari Parker

We’re at the point in the free agency period that you can’t really ignore Jabari Parker for much longer. Regardless of what you think of his work ethic, or his embarrassingly bad defense for the Bulls last season, after he was traded to the Wizards, Parker was a force on several occasions on the offensive end.

Parker had 13 games with 17 or more points for the Wizards after the trade deadline, so playing as someone’s first or second option off the bench could be a nice role for Parker. The team who signs him will just have to hide him on defense as much as possible, or find some way to motivate him to play some D.

Vince Carter

Another veteran who could find his way onto a contender this summer is Vince Carter. The 42 year-old and oldest player in the NBA proved he could still ball last season and if any more videos of him dunking in a full suit show up, I’m sure he won’t remain unsigned for long. There are a number of teams that would offer him the veteran minimum to be one of their forwards off the bench. At this point, it’s up to Carter whether he wants to ring chase, or play for a team that he can get a lot of playing and mentor time like he did with the Hawks. My guess is both LA teams, the Jazz, and even the Bucks could be nice landing spots for VC.

Kelly Oubre (RFA)

Kelly Oubre is the only guy on this list who is a restricted free agent, so the Suns have the ability to match anything he gets on the open market. However, it would also be foolish for the Suns to overpay for Oubre, who has some notable efficiency and defensive issues he will have to work out before he is truly worth eight-figure NBA money.

Oubre still has a lot of talent though. His three-point shot isn’t bad and his shooting has been slowly improving. All in all, the Mavs have been rumored to have some interest in signing him to an offer sheet, but it’s probably between them and the Suns at this point, unless another suitor reemerges.