2014 NBA Draft Lottery Odds & First Picks

Joe Catalano

Friday, May 16, 2014 5:54 PM UTC

Friday, May. 16, 2014 5:54 PM UTC

The NBA Draft is just around the corner! Once we know where these teams are drafting, it would give us a better perspective on some possible player destinations, the betting trends, and future winning picks.

Odds To Win the NBA Lottery
Milwaukee Bucks 11/4
Philadelphia 76’ers 7/2 
Orlando Magic 5/1 
Utah Jazz 9/1 
Boston Celtics 9/1 
Los Angeles Lakers 9/1 
Sacramento Kings 20/1 
Detroit Pistons 33/1 
Cleveland Cavaliers 50/1 
New Orleans Pelicans 75/1 
Denver Nuggets 100/1 
Orlando Magic via Denver 100/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 100/1 
Phoenix Suns 150/1

Don’t Let the Odds Fool You
In fact, this may be a good future prop to be your next winning NBA pick because I’ve seen some teams in the past with a very remote chance of picking up the number 1 pick actually succeed and defy the odds by pure luck. One thing that I do find ironic is that two of the most historic franchises in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, are participants in the NBA Lottery.

1. Milwaukee Bucks
When Brandon Knight is the star of your team, you know that you’re in hot water. A winning franchise starts with a good big man. Joel Emblid appears to be the pick if Milwaukee gets the number 1 spot. The 7 footer out of Kansas can play both ends of the court and Milwaukee can’t afford a bust. Of course, if the Bucks drop down, Jabari Parker appears to be the most reliable pick out of Duke, sure to put fannies in the seats. After this, it’s a draft the best player on the board situation.
Free NBA Pick: Joel Emblid

2. Philadelphia 76’ers
The Sixers need defense in the worst way, and a player that can be relied upon at the offensive end; basically your prototypical double-double type of basketball player. Andrew Wiggins could be the perfect pick (if available) as he fits the bill. A Jabari Parker or Aaron Gordon would also fit nicely. Of course, with Gordon, it would be a later pick, and the Sixers would need more time for him to mature as a player.
Free NBA Pick: Andrew Wiggins

Orlando Magic
The Magic would focus on a playmaker or someone to possibly take over for Jameer Nelson. Aside from the obvious picks of Parker, Wiggins, and Gordon, Tyler Ennis out of Syracuse would be a good fit here. Of course if the best players are still available, Jabari Parker and Victor Oladipo would be a very athletic combination. Orlando gets two picks and can address two weak points. I don’t see Nikola Vucevic at center as being weak, therefore, you’re going to see a skilled guard or forward.
Free NBA Pick: Jabari Parker

4. Utah Jazz
The Jazz have two picks, and with the center position in Enes Kanter appearing to be secure, expect the Jazz to look elsewhere. The Jazz have a lot of above average players in Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Trey Burke, but they need a superstar to be a game-changer. If Parker is off the board, look for Dante Exum to be snatched up.
Free NBA Pick: Dante Exum 

5. Boston Celtics
The Celtics have two picks, as well, and not having Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce actually turned out to be a blessing for the Celts since both players are past their prime. Juilius Randle and Jared Sullinger wouldn’t be a good mix, as both have similar styles of play. Look for Boston to go for Noah Vonleh. He’s possibly a Kevin McHale type of 6-foot-10 player who's not as good as McHale on the offensive end, but has a much better defensive game.
Free NBA Pick: Noah Vonleh

6. Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers will be desperate for a skilled big man if Pau Gasol is no longer with the team. This would be a perfect spot for Julius Randle, who can give the Lakers a much needed double-double type of player and still defer to Kobe Bryant.
Free NBA Pick: Pick- Julius Randle

7. Sacramento Kings
A lot of the superstars mentioned above should be gone by this point, but I could see either Dante Exum falling a bit in the draft, or Marcus Smart fitting in well here, since Isaiah Thomas is a restricted free agent. That said, he would be the perfect fit at 6-foot-4 to either play point guard or shooting guard along with Thomas. Smart is energetic and defense isn’t an issue; it’s an upgrade.
Free NBA Pick: Marcus Smart

8. De
troit Pistons
Marcus Smart could also be a good fit with the Pistons alongside Brandon Jennings, because his defense would benefit in a huge way. If Smart is taken, Nik Stauskas can stay in Michigan, and give the Pistons some reliability beyond the arc. The Pistons need a reliable shooter like a Doug McDermott from the Big East. Josh Smith takes some wild shots. 
Free NBA Pick: Doug McDermott

9. Cleveland Cavaliers
I can’t see Aaron Gordon lasting much longer than this. This is a raw player with a huge upside as a big man. He’s doesn’t give you the size, or style of play that Anderson Varajeo does, but Cleveland was lucky before in grabbing a youth named Lebron James and Gordon is just 18 years old! He’s a good defender who can work on his game, and become a greater asset offensively. If he hung around this long, Cleveland would pick him.
Free NBA Pick: Aaron Gordon

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