World Cup Picks: Best Value Bets Group F

Nila Amerova

Thursday, June 5, 2014 2:14 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 5, 2014 2:14 PM UTC

Argentina are expected to ride roughshod over Group F, one of the easiest groups in the entire competition. Consequently, they are runaway favourites in every aspect of Group F betting, making it hard for their fans to find value in their section.

Argentina have Group F cornered
Argentina have Group F cornered on -450 odds to finish top of the section. They are also runaway favourites to simply advance into the knockouts at -2500. Prices that are understandable with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nigeria and Iran contained within, teams that don’t exactly leap off the page as serious threats. It would have to be a catastrophic campaign for them to fail in either regard, or any other for that matter.

Fans keen to back Argentina on their World Cup picks are best served turning to other markets for value. Group forecasts, which involve predicting which of the three nations will advance alongside Argentina, offer some tempting alternative approaches to betting on Argentina, For instance, Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina (in that order) listed at +150, or Argentina and Nigeria listed at +250, or (least likeliest) Argentina and Iran at +500.

Argentina advancing in second place is an improbable outcome, but not an impossible one. Variations of Argentina coming in second begin at +1000 with Bosnia-Herzegovina taking first place up to +6600 with Iran taking first place.

How will you bet on the Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Argentina World Cup match? 

Bosnia-Herzegovina best shot at second place
Bosnia-Herzegovina are the sections second favourites to win Group F, but they’ll have all to do to get one-up on Argentina to accomplish the feat. At +600 to win Group F, the odds aren’t swinging their way at all. They are better looking in qualification markets at -120 to simply advance into the knockouts.

Much of the same can be said about Nigeria, class of Africa though they are. At +900, it’s a big ask to win Group F. Simply to advance into the knockouts, however, is a reasonable World Cup pick at +138. 

Iran’s hopes at the World Cup hang on a Hail Mary. The odds swing away from them in just about every positive aspect, from winning Group F at +5000 to simply qualifying at +500. To finish bottom of group at -175 is a more attractive option for your World Cup picks.

World Cup Betting Verdict
Finding World Cup value picks in this group can be challenging, especially if you are determined to back Argentina in some way. But there are options, if you have a mind to search deeper. For instance: Argentina to be the highest scoring team at +275; Argentina to score Over 6 points at -275 in group play; and Lionel Messi at +138, Sergio Aguero or Gonzalo Higuain (each at +350), or Ezequiel Lavezzi at +1400  to be top team goal scorer.

Here are some of our top overall recommended picks for this section: Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at +150, or Argentina and Nigeria at +250 to advance into the knockouts; Bosnia-Herzegovina to simply qualify at -120, or Nigeria at +138 to simply qualify; and, finally, Iran to finish bottom of group at -175.

Free World Cup Picks: Argentina to win group; Argentina and Nigeria to advance at +250.

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