Will Gambling be Legal in Your State? Here's a Nationwide Update

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 3:58 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 3, 2018 3:58 PM UTC

The federal prohibition on sports gambling has come to a merciful end, but that doesn’t mean all states will allow it. Let’s look at the state of sports gambling across the nation.

<h2>These States are Taking Action</h2><p>As of this July 2018 writing there are just a few states already locked, loaded and ready to book. It should come as no surprise that New Jersey, the trailblazer in the pro-sports gambling movement, is already taking action -- as are a few others. The list includes:</p><p><strong>Nevada: </strong>Been there and has been doing that for longer than any state in the union.</p><p><strong>New Jersey: </strong>Then-governor Chris Christie positioned the Garden State at the vanguard of the movement to repeal PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) and, after declining to seek another term, handed the reins over to his successor Phil Murphy who successfully jockeyed the cause over the finish line.</p><p><strong>Delaware: </strong>As of June 5, 2018, the great state of Delaware got into the business of making book. Place your bets!</p><p> </p><h2>States Ready to Roll</h2><p><a href="https://www.sportsbookreview.com/picks/" title="Free Sports Picks">These states are poised to set up shop</a> but need a few more weeks/months to get their affairs in order:</p><p><strong>Mississippi: </strong>As early as July 21, casinos in the Magnolia State will be given the green light to accept sports wagers.</p><p><strong>Pennsylvania: </strong>Legislators in the Keystone State have already worked on the nuts and bolts of a sports gambling bill, and within six months to a year there should be venues to take sports betting action.</p><p><strong>Rhode Island:</strong> Little Rhody is looking for their piece of the sports gambling pie and could be up and running by October.</p><p><strong>West Virginia: </strong>The legislative architecture is already in place to roll out sports gambling in the Mountain State. Reports are that shops will open sooner than later.</p><p> </p><h2>States Considering Sports Gambling</h2><p>Don’t hold your breath but the <a href="https://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-odds/" title="Sports Betting Odds">states below are at least lukewarm to entering the bookmaking fray</a>. Most will take a wait-and-see approach as they monitor the tax revenue generated from neighboring states that are already operating.</p><p><strong>Arizona:</strong> Governor Doug Ducey is open to the possibility.</p><p><strong>California: </strong>Several hurdles remain to be cleared but many pundits believe sports gambling is an eventuality in the Golden State, although no one is certain when.</p><p><strong>Colorado: </strong>If you were to gauge the temperature of state’s warming to the idea of sports betting then Colorado would be room temperature. Move a few states over to Nevada if you need your fix soon.</p><p><strong>Connecticut: </strong>Connecticut is hotter than lukewarm toward putting together legislation and rolling out sports betting because they will eventually be surrounded by their Northeast neighbors that do allow it. In addition, the Nutmeg State has two mammoth casinos in Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun that would be perfect venues, but a deal would have to be worked out with the respective Native American tribes.</p><p><strong>Florida: </strong>The Sunshine State has its share of casinos, and expanding gambling to include sports should eventually come to pass.</p><p><strong>Georgia: </strong>The rumor mill is that the legislators are considering a proposal, but how much traction it gains is anybody’s guess.</p><p><strong>Hawaii:</strong> Looking more optimistic by the day to at least propose a bill.</p><p><strong>Illinois: </strong>Al Capone’s native state will most likely pass legislation sooner than later, but the session adjourned in May without any of the active bills being passed. Seems to be just a matter of time.</p><p><strong>Indiana: </strong>No one will be wagering legally on sports in Indiana this year but 2019 will tell the tale.</p><p><strong>Iowa: </strong>There has been a bill introduced but it was not voted on before the session adjourned. The wheels are in motion but we’re not sure how far they will roll. Stay tuned, Hawkeyes.</p><p><strong>Kansas: </strong>Don’t be surprised to see betting parlors throughout Kansas next year or the year after as the state has a shortfall in its budget and is not averse to finding new ways to fill that gap.</p><p><strong>Kentucky: </strong>The home of the Kentucky Derby is of course open to sports betting, and legislation is being written to accommodate that end.</p><p><strong>Maryland: </strong>Expect debate on the sports gambling topic in next year’s legislative session.</p><p><strong>Massachusetts: </strong>The Bay State taxes everything that moves so expect sports betting to follow the casinos that have recently been approved, and are currently being built, to operate in the state.</p><p><strong>Michigan:</strong> Legislation is in place and all that’s left is for the voting to commence.</p><p><strong>Minnesota – </strong>Not exactly a high priority in the Gopher State but not ruled out either.</p><p><strong>Missouri –</strong> Five bills have been introduced but time ran out on the legislative session. Looks promising.</p><p><strong>Montana –</strong> One of the few states that had their sports gambling versions grandfathered in before PASPA. It should be a natural fit to roll out sports betting but not a lock.</p><p><strong>New Hampshire:</strong> Expect New Hampshire to eventually keep pace with their sports gambling neighbors.</p><p><strong>New York:</strong> They were not as quick afoot as New Jersey but it’s just a matter of time.</p><p><strong>South Carolina:</strong> Unlike their northern Carolinians, South Carolina is at least pondering the idea.</p><p><strong>Washington (State): </strong>A 60-percent majority would be required to get a sports betting bill passed. I know this because Washington is talking about it.</p><p><strong>Wisconsin:</strong> The Native American casinos in the Badger State may want in on the action.</p><p> </p><h2>Not Anytime Soon</h2><p>Below is a list of states that range from disinterested – at least for the time being – to obstinately against even the notion of sports betting within the confines of their pristine perimeters.</p><ul> <li>Alabama</li> <li>Alaska</li> <li>Arizona</li> <li>Arkansas</li> <li>Idaho</li> <li>Louisiana</li> <li>Maine</li> <li>Nebraska</li> <li>New Mexico</li> <li>North Carolina</li> <li>North Dakota</li> <li>South Dakota</li> <li>Ohio</li> <li>Oklahoma</li> <li>Tennessee</li> <li>Texas</li> <li>Utah</li> <li>Vermont</li> <li>Virginia</li> <li>Wyoming</li></ul>
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