Why You Should Bet on the CFL This Season

David Schwab

Monday, June 12, 2017 5:32 PM UTC

Monday, Jun. 12, 2017 5:32 PM UTC

Football betting junkies looking to get an early fix on the action for live games have a very viable option with the start of the 2018 CFL regular season on June 22. The Ottawa RedBlacks come in as the defending Grey Cup Champions, but the Calgary Stampeders have been opened by Bovada as +350 favorites to win it all in 2017.

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Less Selection More Action

One of the best things about betting on the CFL other than its 110-yard football field, huge end zones double the size of the NFL and only three downs to move the chains is the simple fact that with nine teams in the league there are only four games on each week’s schedule with the odd team getting a bye. The CFL plays an 18-game regular season schedule so there is betting action all the way from late June through late November when you add in the three postseason rounds. Another plus is that most of the games are played late in the week on a Thursday and Friday night as well as Saturday as opposed to the majority of the games being played on Sundays to avoid competition with the NFL once its regular season gets underway in September.

Given that there are only nine CFL teams, it will not take you all that long to get a really good feel for the strengths and weaknesses of each franchise. Every football bettor knows just how important a quarterback is when it comes to handicapping an NFL game and that actually gets dialed up even higher in the CFL given the fact that teams generally pass the ball on the majority of the downs.

One minor caveat to keep in mind is the stand alone one-point play in the CFL. Touchdowns are worth six points just like the NFL and a field goal in either league counts as three points, but in the CFL the kicking team can score a single point when it misses a field goal and the ball is caught by the opposing team in the end zone and not run out or it is kicked out of bounds in the end zone. This rule also applies to punts that result in either of the two outcomes mentioned above. Also, keep in mind that the goal posts in the CFL are located at the front of the end zone as opposed to the back line of the end zone in the NFL.

Other than the differences covered above, the game in both leagues is played relatively the same which is another plus for anyone betting on the games.

Why Bet on the CFL

NFL purists probably have little or no interest in watching the CFL let alone bet on the games, but for anyone that is a pure football fan, the CFL is a great way to start fine-tuning your handicapping skills long before a new season of both college football and the NFL gets underway. No one says you have to bet a fortune on the CFL, but you can use the months of June, July, and August as a football warm-up to test just how well your football betting instincts really are. Another great reason to spend some time getting to know more about CFL betting is that it is really a decent brand of football. Most of the players in the CFL are from big time college football programs in the United States. They were not quite good enough to earn a spot on an NFL roster, but they still know how to play the game. Over the years, this has really enhanced the level of ball they play ‘North of the Border’.

Where to Bet on the CFL

Just about every major online sportsbook will take action on CFL games, led by Bovada as one of the most popular online betting sites. It is also a plus that their base of operations is in Canada. Lines for the games are posted early in the week for that week’s games and you can also find some betting options for league futures and individual game props.

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