Weekend Recap for MMA Bettors


Tuesday, March 4, 2014 3:48 PM UTC

Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014 3:48 PM UTC

We review the latest happenings in the MMA world and discuss what we have learned and how it can help us when placing our UFC picks in the future.

So another busy weekend of MMA has ended. I handicapped 4 events at 4 different times over a 24 hour period. WOW I was exhausted but once again showed an overall profit for the weekend. The events that happened were TITAN FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 27, BELLATOR 110, UFC FIGHT NIGHT 37 - Kim vs. Hathaway, & CAGE WARRIORS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 65. There was allot of great fights over this weekend of MMA action.

So let's first discuss Titan Fighting Champions 27

The fights took place at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas

So early Friday morning I got a phone call from my good friend and Kansas City Native Jeff White. He was asking me who I was backing with my MMA picks for Titan FC that night. I told him the card was heavy on favorites and his best option to cash in would be to take my power parlay of Mike Ricci (-750), Anthony Gutierrez (-480), Kevin Croom (-325), & Kurt Holobaugh (-430) which risking $100.00 paid out $121.00. People say there is no value in betting huge favorites. It's not always who you bet it's how you bet it. Needless to say Jeff White took my power parlay and cashed in nicely for 2 units. I went 1-0 for +2.42 units

Bellator 110

The fights took place at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Unicasville, Connecticut

First we start to start with William Martinez out (+380) of Philadelphia, PA. I personally know him & have followed his entire career since day 1. This was a personal play I made and Martinez won by unanimous decision with ease. I rooting for him to win the tourney.

I do a radio show every Friday night. So before the fights began the host of the show Jamie Hubler asked me the question "What is the deal between Rampage and King Mo" I explained to him these guy don't like each other and this is going to be one of the biggest and best fights Bellator has had since Eddie Alvarez (+190) vs. Michael Chandler (-250) back in November 2nd, 2013 which the biggest local name in MMA Eddie Alvarez brought the title back to Philadelphia. I took a parlay out with Rampage (-450) & King Mo (-250) which the odds came out to be (-141) & the parlay cashed in for 2 units. I went 2-0 for +4.80 units


The fights took place at the COTAI ARENA, MACAU, CHINA

With this event being in China and me living in New Jersey it came on early AM on Saturday morning. With a lot of unknown factors and fighters that normally would not have been on a UFC card & only being able to watch it streamed on Fight Pass I was not very excited to watch it BUT I did anyway because I'm dedicated to the sport of MMA. All in all the card was definitely not even close to mid level tier that the UFC usually puts on. So plays were very limited as I only make pick when I feel strongly abut the fight. This card is a prime example of catering to the masses because China has a huge fan base but over in the USA this card was not watched due to the time difference and the unknown fighters on it. The picks I made for this event was only one play. Shawn Jordan (-110) who unfortunately got knocked out with 1 second remaining in the first round. 

As soon as the fight ended I got a text from a client asking me what happened? Why did they stop the fight? I explained to him Jordan was out & the call was legit. The ref do have to protect the safety of a fighter. I went 0-1 for -3.00 units 


The event took place at THE HELIX, DUBLIN, LEINSTER, IRELAND

Another fight card with drastic time difference for fans in the USA. Also due to the fact of the time difference most sports books didn't give lines for the fights. Major issues were swirling about people past posting max bets with online sportsbooks due to the time differences. All in all another promotion with mostly local fighters that are known in Ireland but not worldwide. I would consider it an ok event when I saw it streamed online b/c that was the only way to see it. The main event was the one I was most interested to see between Saul Rogers (+180) and John Maguire (-260). I had John Maguire in this fight. I thought this would be fight if the night for this card. It wound up ending with a decision win for Saul Rogers. I finished the night 0-1 for -2.60 units

So once again after all is said and done I finished the weekend 3-2 for +1.62 units. Typically I have many more picks that I make & tons more winnings but this is a prime example of when the cards are weak do play to just play or you will pay at the end of the night. 

I want to hear you feed back, what bets you made, what was your favorite fight on any of these cars. Let you voice be heard. I want to know your opinions on these topics

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