Just The Free Picks - Loshak & The Bag Rundown Wednesday’s Sports Betting Predictions

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 7:28 PM

Don't have time to watch the whole show? No problem. Watch our "Just The Picks" video and tail these two geniuses with no explanations.

Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, St. Louis Blues, Winnipeg Jets, Colorado Avalanche, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Charlotte Hornets, Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, UNC, Indiana, Michigan, 

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