US Presidential Odds - Cash Second Round Props While Candidates Try To Get Your Vote

Swinging Johnson

Sunday, October 9, 2016 1:21 AM UTC

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 1:21 AM UTC

The polls said Hillary won the first debate, yet Donald Trump insists he was the victor. Nevertheless, we discuss the presidential odds and accompanying prop bets for this second round of a three round political fight.



First Round Goes to Hillary

If you didn’t see the SNL skit on the first debate I would advise you to do so. Alec Baldwin was impeccable as Donald Trump and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon was at her theatrical best as Hillary Clinton. It was a caricature of both candidates to be sure, but only in this election could the humor be exacerbated because the over the top portrayals reflected so closely these over the top candidates. Nevertheless, the skit was skewed heavily towards a Hillary thrashing when in reality it was not quite that much of a slam dunk for the Democrat nominee.

Yet it should be noted that the presidential odds did move in concert with the bump in the polls experienced by Hillary after the debate. If you are looking for the best odds in your presidential picks then get on over to Intertops, currently offering Clinton at -278 or if you’re a Trump fan then you would be wise to shop on over to Bookmaker hanging the billionaire at +295. That looks like a nice opportunity for a little betting arbitrage if you have accounts at both these premier sportsbooks.

 Find & Compare The Latest 2016 Presidential Election Odds  The Props

These are just a few of the many presidential debate-betting props and if you want to review the entire slate being offered click on the above link and find plenty of opportunities to make some cash while the candidates try to get your vote.


Hillary Clinton to use exact phrase “Trump University”

Yes -150

No +120

Hillary may decide to eschew standing-and-trading with Trump, preferring to stick to the issues and look presidential. If Trump does not learn from the previous debate then he will be his own worst enemy and Hillary can stay above the fray, as well as the name calling. Let’s go with No +120 here.


Presidential Betting Pick: No +120
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Hillary Clinton to use exact phrase “Trumped Up Trickle Down”

Yes +260

No -350

When Clinton used this the last time it was clearly a canned line that she had been dying to deliver. It sounded scripted and she caught heat for it. She won’t go to that well again.


Presidential Betting Pick: No -350
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Donald Trump to use exact phrase “Build a Wall”

Yes -175

No +135

If Trump listens to his advisors he will return to the ideas that vaulted him from a novelty candidate to the GOP nominee. One of his proposals that caught fire with a large portion of the American electorate was to build a wall between America’s southern border and Mexico. We say he goes there…again.


Presidential Betting Pick: Yes -175
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