US Politics - Last Minute Picks -Down To The Final Stretch

Swinging Johnson

Sunday, November 6, 2016 9:40 PM UTC

Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 9:40 PM UTC

Mercifully the election is coming to a close and now is your last chance to get down on your presidential betting picks. Let’s see which candidate we see celebrating on Tuesday night.

Trump Surges

It looked like Donald Trump was pretty much done after the “Billy Bush tapes" were revealed in which he claimed to be able to “grab’em by the p***y” in reference to women he encountered. It was more fodder for the social justice warriors and feminists who rail against Trump as a misogynistic egomaniac. Approximately three weeks ago national polls had him down as many as 12 points in the general voting but things change rapidly in politics and now the polls state that this is a statistical dead heat, as Hillary’s email controversies have dominated the headlines.

Of course the election is not decided by cumulative votes but by Electoral College votes, otherwise Al Gore would have won the election in 2000 and not George W. Bush. At this moment, Hillary Clinton is projected to have 258 electoral votes to Trump’s 157 with 123 still in play. But projections are a dicey business and often those doing the projecting are influenced by their political predilections. CNN has stayed true to their liberal form and has been cheerleading Clinton’s candidacy ever since she became the Democrat nominee. Fox News on the other hand, has been a bit more tepid in their support for Trump but their projections paint a rosier picture for the Republican candidate.


Presidential Betting Odds

If you believed there would be a sudden groundswell of support for Donald Trump a few weeks ago then you would have been strongly advised to shop on over to one of the premier offshore sportsbooks and get down on Trump who was returning a healthy +450 at some shops. But that number is long gone and hard to find as the presidential odds have dropped considerably with five days to go before Super Tuesday.

As of this moment Hillary Clinton can be bet as low as -250 at Intertops while Donald Trump can be had for as high as +252 at Bookmaker. There is a sneaking suspicion that the Trump zealots reflect a far more expansive silent majority for the Republican candidate. In order to win, Trump will need those begrudging supporters who will hold their nose and consider a vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary. Donald Trump doesn’t need the love, he needs the votes and like Brexit showed the world, polls don’t always tell the tale.

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