US Election Betting: Indiana Spelled The Death Of Cruz’s Campaign

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, May 5, 2016 12:48 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 5, 2016 12:48 PM UTC

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton appear to be headed on a collision course in the general election. But there are longshots betting odds to be had. Let’s evaluate the various scenarios below.


Hillary Clinton -290

Donald Trump +200

Bernie Sanders +3300

Joe Biden +8000

Paul Ryan +8000

Mitt Romney +20000



Hillary Clinton -4000

Bernie Sanders +1600

Joe Biden +3300



Donald Trump -10000

Paul Ryan +3300

Mitt Romney +15000


What’s It All Mean?
Indiana spelled the death of Ted Cruz’s campaign and gave new life to Bernie Sanders and his rabid band of supporters. Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee with odds of -10000 to claim the GOP nomination and despite Bernie’s mass appeal to young voters, Hillary Clinton remains the Democrat presidential odds nominee at a prohibitive -4000.

Therefore, unless a tragic chain of events occurs to either, or both, Trump and Clinton, the chances of any other candidate (or non-candidate) appear dismal at best to become our nation’s 45th president. Only Bernie Sanders could realistically disprove the pundits and upset the apple cart in this election. Therefore, we must turn our attention to the general election where the gloves are sure to come off in a showdown between Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps Trump’s campaign will shift into overdrive and replace their slogan “Make America Great Again” in exchange for a shot aimed directly at Clinton. They could demonstrate their knowledge of The Bard himself and rename their campaign, “The Taming of the Shrew.” I don’t think that would go over very well with the large percentage of female voters but then again, we’re talking Donald Trump who has run a very different kind of campaign.

Conversely, we have Hillary Clinton who is a political battle axe and forges on despite the multitude of criticisms leveled at her and her many brushes with scandals that never seem to quite stick. She erroneously and quite publically deemed her husband’s philandering reputation as a vast Right Wing conspiracy before a certain blue dress made its way into the public domain accompanied by a certain someone’s DNA affixed to it. There was the suicide of a political appointment and family friend in Vince Foster, Travelgate, Whitewater, Benghazi and of course an email controversy that has been looming like a black cloud throughout her candidacy.

Yet like her opponent Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton appears to be coated in Teflon. Nothing seems to stick and it will be interesting to see which candidate gets dirtier because the full-scale mudslinging between the two will be commencing in the very near future. Clinton’s campaign could fire back and steal a few movie titles to brand the Trump candidacy such as “The Jerk” or “American Psycho”. Ah, but it will all be in good fun – not.  However, it will be the most captivating reality television to date and make “The Apprentice” look like a Shakespearean sonnet.

Who is No. 45?
Partisan politics aside, our job is to look at this with an analytical eye rather than coloring our intellectual decision with political emotion. Many Americans believe this to be a pick-your-poison election anyway and though there are rabid supporters on both sides, many voters remain confounded by their apparent choices in November. On one hand we have Hillary Clinton, who her critics describe as, a screeching feminazi and on the other we have the polarizing figure of Donald Trump who many deride as a boorish loudmouth. How can anything go wrong?

But let us remove the dusty cloth off of our crystal ball and peer six months into the future. Donald Trump has defied the odds and proven the political pundits, oh so very wrong. Here he is again, a decided underdog in the general election to Clinton with odds of about +200 and could embody the old gambling adage, “nothin’ sweeta’ than a repeata’” after delivering a bounty of riches to all those who included them in their presidential picks at the onset when he was an overwhelming underdog to win even the Republican nomination.

We know the left wing moonbats are firmly in Clinton’s camp and will burn their bras, and their Birkenstocks, before switching their vote to Trump. The same can be said for the wave of disenfranchised Republicans who have been seeking a candidate that doesn’t demand they attend Sunday services and become a card-carrying member of the NRA. They have found their savior and he is Orange. Now the question becomes who is the right wing Conservative establishment going to back? They have no choice and must eat their sh*t sandwich and like it. Those voters will either pull the lever for Trump or boycott the election entirely but one thing they will not do is vote for Clinton.

Therefore it is those down the middle, the independents, who will determine this election as well as the groundswell of young Bernie Sanders voters who will eventually be forced to abandon the Bern and look elsewhere. One would naturally be inclined to believe they, as fellow Dems, would side with Clinton but this is a young voting bloc and many may have lingering resentment towards Clinton and could indeed vote for Trump just to spite her. The bottom line here is that once The Donald begins assailing Clinton, this election could get even uglier and my money is always on Trump in a mud-slinging contest because he’s dirty to begin with.

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