Update on Real Madrid's La Liga Soccer Betting Odds

Nikki Adams

Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:24 PM UTC

Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 9:24 PM UTC

Atletico Madrid win Spanish Super Cup to deny the Real Madrid the sextuple, a feat last accomplished by bitter rivals Barcelona in 2008-2009 under manager Josep “Pep” Guardiola. How did the defeat impact Real Madrid’s betting odds across the board, if at all?

Six? Not So Easy as Cristiano Ronaldo Knows Only Too Well
Barcelona pulled off the incredible sextuple in their heyday under Pep Guardiola when they won UEFA Super Cup, Spanish Super Copa, La Liga, Club World Cup, Copa del Rey and Champions League over the course of two seasons. Cristiano Ronaldo, named 2013-2014 UEFA best player, hasn’t even scratched that mark over his career with Real Madrid, never mind one season – something that delights Barca fans and Messi supporters to no end.

It’s also a source of criticism. All that money splashed about and not much to show for it, at least nothing that would be considered proportional to having acquired the most expensive players on the planet.  Real Madrid boasts arguably the best squad (on paper) in the world today – the glitterati of football from Cristiano Ronald and Gareth Bale to World Cup star James Rodriguez and much, much more. Without a doubt, they have the ammunition to deal with campaigns on six fronts. Theirs is a squad to be marvelled at, envied even by all and sundry.

Understandably, when Real Madrid clinched the UEFA Super Cup at the expense of Sevilla after which Cristiano Ronaldo boldly announced Real’s intention to win the sextuple this season, more than a few pundits and experts conceded it could be possible. After all, they had one in the bag and a potential second looming on the horizon in a winnable Spanish Super Cup clash against Atletico Madrid, the same side they crushed in the Copa del Rey semis and defeated in a dramatic Champions League final the season prior.


One Down, Five More To Go? Not.
Fast forward to Spanish Super Cup...and the sextuple is no more. The wily and charismatic Diego Simeone led his band of La Liga upstarts to a well-deserved 2-1 victory over Real Madrid as they outclassed, outmuscled and outplayed the Spanish giants over the course of the two-leg competition, all while stifling Real’s overpriced offensive baubles, proving teamwork can trump individual talent on a good day.

Losing the Spanish Super Cup was a disappointment, but it’s definitely not the end of the world. So, Real Madrid hit a snag. It was a grandiose ambition to begin with, hard to replicate otherwise it wouldn’t be considered so momentous an occasion when it does happen. Put another way: it’s rare.

Winning a treble happens with a bit more frequency amongst clubs of similar ilk, making it a realistic objective for Real Madrid this season. The quadruple is possible even. Bayern Munich, Man U, Porto and Barcelona have accomplished it, but even that was no mean feat either.

Real Madrid’s defeat to Atletico Madrid in Spanish Super Cup revealed more questions than answers, which they’ll need to deal with if they are to enjoy a season to remember. Happily, as far as their soccer odds go in the betting markets, they are still in favour and definitely in the running for several titles.


Real Madrid Favoured in La Liga
If you are betting on Real Madrid, they are the hot soccer pick at -125 to win La Liga; holding a considerable edge over Barcelona at +125 and defending champions Atletico Madrid at +1400. Clearly, the setback hasn’t cost them in domestic markets at all. 

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