Diego Sanchez Can't Hang With 170 Michael Chiesa


Michael Chiesa vs Diego Sanchez

Saturday, July 06, 2019, 10:05 PM EDT

Free UFC Pick: Michael Chiesa

Best Line Offered: 5Dimes -335

Record: 7-3

Michael Chiesa has moved to 170 pounds and he is going to find new life in his new weight class. Long has he been killing himself to get down to 155 where he was a massive lightweight and his gas tank and growth as a fighter suffered due to spending his time cutting weight rather than training. It couldn’t be more obvious that he has been putting the opportunity to fight at 170 to good use. The most recent pictures of Chiesa show an entirely new fighter physically.

I think the mental weaknesses from Chiesa we have seen in the past have come from the physical weakness he suffers due to the weight cut. When your body is completely sucked out and quits on you its more difficult than I can explain in words to dig deep and keep going. Now that Chiesa has extra gas in the tank these issues shouldnt be a problem. Chiesa is a solid wrestler and an amazing offensive grappler. He has a stiff herky jerky striking style that can catch people at very odd angles but he generally uses it to get the fight to the ground where he is a wizard.

Diego Sanchez is the Ultimate Fighter 1 winner and somehow is phenomenally still fighting. We cashed in on him BIG when he TKOd Mickey Gall in his last fight, but that was an overpriced overrated young fighter facing a legend who has the PERFECT skill set to defeat a fighter like Gall. Chiesa is Gall 2.0. Everything that Gall does Chiesa does better. At 170 Diego is undersized and feels like his chin holds up better, but I’m here to tell you that that is a myth. A sharp breeze could knock out poor Diego these days. Even though Diego can hold his own in grappling scrambles he cannot hit hard enough to threaten Chiesa and Chiesa will be the younger, bigger, stronger fighter.

I think that Chiesa beats Diego basically anywhere this fight takes place. Diego likes to overwhelm his opponents and make fights into wars where his pressure and durability become too much to handle. Maybe at 155 where Chiesa could gas I could find an argument for Diego to win, but at 170 Chiesa will hit harder and Diego will not be able to throw a fighter the size of Chiesa around. When it hits the ground Chiesa’s size will factor in the grappling and I do believe that he has a BJJ advantage. I am not a fan of laying the wood at this price but I think Chiesa rolls here and I do think that Chiesa is worthy of being put in parlays.

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