UFC Picks: Jose Aldo Is The King Of Rio


Jose Aldo vs Alexander Volkanovski

Saturday, May 11, 2019 – 09:30 PM EDT

Free UFC Pick: Jose Aldo

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The UFC‘s long history of Brazilian legends is on full display at UFC 237. The former featherweight king Jose Aldo returns to Rio and he is on the war path to prove to everyone that he is the greatest featherweight on the planet and solidify his legacy. He is facing an extremely tall order in Alexander Volkanovski who is 19-1 and has yet to taste loss in the UFC. Volankovski is a pressure fighting tank who pours his will onto his opponents until they break and, so far, he’s been able to defeat 3 of his 6 UFC opponents before the final bell and his last win over Chad Mendez, the former title challenger, was incredibly impressive.

But Jose Aldo is ready.

The only opponents who have defeated Jose in the UFC are Conor McGregor and Max Holloway. Conor set the UFCs record by KOing Aldo in 13 seconds back in 2015, but Aldo was emotional like we have never seen before and he underestimated Conor and paid for it. We may never know how those two truly match up. Max Holloway proved that he is the rock to Jose Aldo’s scissors and will likely win 9/10 times that they fight. The only two fighters to defeat Aldo are 2 of the biggest names in the sport and are on the short list for being the pound for pound greatest fighters in the world. Both fighters were young and also enjoyed height and reach advantages over Aldo.

The only advantage that Volkanovski shares with the two who previously defeated Aldo is that he is slightly younger than the former champion. In fact, the way that he fights and, physically speaking, he is far more comparable to several of Aldo’s other previous rivals in Frankie Edgar and Chad Mendez. While Volkanovski may be an updated version of these two big names, he is a pressure fighter who uses his wrestling to wear on his opponents and then TKO them when they break later on. Aldo does not lose to this kind of fighter. I believe that this fight is tailor-made for Jose and, if Max is the Rock to Aldo’s scissors, then Aldo is the scissors to Volkanovski’s paper.

Volkanovski is not going to bring anything to the table that Aldo has not seen or dealt with before and while he is talented and has a bright future ahead of him, do we count him in the company of Conor and Max? Another point to remember is that while Aldo seems very old because he has been around for so long, he is only 32 years old and, in no way, past his prime. In fact, the last couple of fights he has had shows us that he may be in the peak of his prime as we speak and the hunger to get that belt back and prove he is the rightful king of the featherweights is showing us a fire we haven’t seen in Aldo in years.