Niko Price KOs Neal Inside 2 Rounds


Record: 14-6

Niko Price vs Geoff Neal

Saturday, July 27, 2019 – 11:00 PM EDT

Free UFC Pick: Niko Price

Recommended Sportsbook: 5Dimes +235

Niko is the perfect underdog. The man usually enjoys a height and reach advantage, he has KO power in all 4 limbs, his grappling game is on point and he has submissions, but most of all he never quits. Niko The Hybrid Price is the kind of fighter who will win the fight or die trying. Niko is 13-2 with his only 2 losses coming from Vicente Luque and Abdul Razak Alhassan both of whom are just a fight or two away from being in the title mix.

Niko is aggressive no matter where the fight takes place and he makes it dirty to find a hole in his opponents game. Once he does he exploits it and goes for the throat. Not only is Niko dangerous but he is motivated and shows improvement in almost every fight. Based on his social media he is coming into this fight in serious shape.

I fully expect Niko to force a brawl here against Geoff and drag him into the deep waters. Geoff is a dangerous fighter himself and put on a beatuiful performance against the always dangerous Belal Muhammad in his last fight, but I do not think he will react well to the heat that Niko brings. Geoff is another of current wave of athletes transitioning to MMA from their previous sports. He played football prior to his MMA training and generally what we see with these types of fighters is a fantastic athletic base, but sometimes they tend to peak in their MMA skillset. The biggest factor in this bet is the line. I believe that Niko is constantly under-valued and Geoff is too green to command this kind of a favorite line. Even though Geoff may be the favorite on paper Niko has all the tools that he will need to get the win and he is a kill or be killed fighter. When you bet on Niko you know he will fight for every penny that you put on him and wont stop unless Geoff is able to put him out cold or rip his arm off.

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