UFC Picks: Gillian Robertson Will Submit Sarah Frota


Gillian Robertson vs Sarah Frota

Free UFC Pick: Gillian Robertson

Best Line Offered: 5 Dimes -115

Record: 14-6

UFC 240 is a top heavy card and because of that some of the lines are extremely wide. If you are anything close to an MMA fan you know the names Cris Cyborg, Max Holloway, and Frankie Edgar. They have been studied and we are very familiar with how they fight, so the lines have been beaten until they have nothing left to offer. When this happens we have to look to the undercard and UFC 240 has several sneaky good spots.

Gillian Robertson has an unimpressive record of 6-3 but these kinds of records in women’s MMA can be misleading. In women’s MMA top contenders can find it difficult to find quality opponents, so they either can’t get a fight or they get thrown to the wolves and take losses very early in their careers because they don’t have a choice. Robertson is nicknamed “The Savage’ and its VERY appropriate. She has incredible forward pressure and an aggressive grappling heavy game. Of her 6 wins she has finished 5 of them my submission and she isn’t shy about addressing that this is how she approaches fights. She is ALWAYS looking for the finish.

At 24 years old we can expect big things and large jumps of improvement from a talented young fighter like Robertson. Her opponent Sarah Frota has a much more impressive 9-1 record, but she comes from Brazil where women’s MMA is much more common and getting good match ups is far easier to accomplish. I am not saying she has a padded record, she is a very talented fighter, but her skill set and tendencies lead me to believe The Savage rolls here.

Frota’s greatest strength is her size. She always wants to be the bigger stronger woman in the cage and is forced to fight at 125 because she missed weight in her last fight attempting to make 115 by 7 pounds. She has power in her hands that gives other women problems and she partners with a legit brazilian jiu jitsu ground game. What she lacks is wrestling and because of her BJJ ability she accepts the bottom position. With a fighter like Robertson who is looking for the take down Frota’s height will be less than helpful making it easier for Robertson to get in on her legs. With Frota allowing takedowns and trips I expect this fight to hit the ground early and when it does I expect Robertson to be on top and maul her opponent.