UFC Picks: Funky Will Pin Masvidal


Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Free UFC Pick: Ben Askren

Best Line Offered: Pinnacle -236

Record: 7-3

UFC newcomer Ben “Funky’ Askren stepped into the cage against fan favorite Robbie Lawler and scored a very controversial submission win in his UFC debut. The two lessons that we learned from that fight are:

1. Ben is UFC caliber and

2. Ben can take a hell of a punch

Founder of the “3 piece and a soda’ Jorge Masvidal is trying to take all the fan hype surrounding Askren and crush it. The man has a serious attitude issue and Ben is under his skin. Masvidal is an emotional fighter, but he is a skilled one nonetheless. I do believe that being the calmer more collected fighter is going to serve Ben in this matchup. Ben is cold and calculating and never lets his emotions get away with him. His singular purpose is to take you down and then squeeze your head until it pops!

Ben is a top tier wrestler and currently sits undefeated 19-0. He dominated basically every organization he was in and now has his sights set on UFC gold in a division stacked to the brim with high caliber wrestlers. Masvidal moved up from 155 where he was a top 15 fighter and now has found new life and new power carrying those extra 15 lbs around. The stars appear to be aligning for Masvidal as he finally puts it all together and appears to be intent on a real and legitimate title run. This fight is going to answer a lot of questions because Masvidal has always had an Achilles Heel and that has been his fight IQ.

Masvidal wants to beat you at your game. He wants to beat you anywhere and everywhere the fight takes place and that puts him in some bad spots. He is a very well rounded fighter with far more experience and fight time than even the most tenured UFC veterans, but he still has his strengths and weaknesses and he just never seems to pay attention to them. Ben is going to exploit what is potentially the biggest hole in Masvidal’s game and that is his wrestling defense. Ben is a lifelong wrestler with a granite chin and a will that never breaks. He will come forward and walk through anything that Masvidal throws to get that takedown and once he does I don’t know if Masvidal gets back up. The worst part is, even if Jorge can get back up I don’t know that he can knock out Ben due to the durability he has shown. And if Jorge can’t knock Askren out then he is going to end up on his back again. This is a 3 round fight and I see Askren winning a convincing decision.