UFC 240 Preview: Holloway Outclasses Edgar


Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar

Free UFC Pick: Max Holloway

Best Line Offered: Bookmaker -385

Record: 11-4

Max Holloway is arguably the best fighter we have ever seen at 145 and has ruled his division with an iron fist solidifying his spot at the top of the mountain with back to back KOs of former king Jose Aldo. Holloway has taken on all comers and has sent them back down the ladder and then he took a shot at the UFC’s lightweight belt. When Max moved up to 155 to face Dustin Poirier I was among those who thought he would be able to out-pace The Diamond, but Dustin proved that he is champion caliber and defeated the 145 champion that night. Max is returning to 145 and will face Frankie Edgar, who is a former 155 champion himself and has his sights set on another belt.

Max was in good spirits coming off the loss to Dustin who is a big hard power puncher at 155 and while he did get roughed up I think that Frankie is nowhere near Dustin’s level. Frankie’s speed and wrestling are much better suited to 145 and he has seen some success there, but he is far from the glory days of his 155 trilogy with Gray Maynard. Frankie has taken a TON of damage in his career and has always rallied to come back and out-wrestle and out-will his opponents to a victory and I just don’t see that happening here. Max is a volume puncher with precision striking and will find Frankie’s cracked chin over and over. When Frankie wobbles Max won’t let him off the hook long enough to recover and will overwhelm him with shots. Max is so much bigger than Frankie that he won’t be able to wrestle him well enough to stay alive when he does inevitably get rocked.

I am a huge fan of Frankie and I am happy he is getting one last crack at a UFC title, but he doesn’t belong here. Max is going to hurt him and it won’t even be close. Use Max in parlays because this line is out of control. Take Max inside the distance, because there is no way for Frankie to get to round 5 here. When the props come out we will take a closure look and I will likely throw Max is a parlay for you a bit later on, but my prediction is: this will be a blowout.

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