Trump's Nomination Speech Made Presidential Betting Great Again

Swinging Johnson

Friday, July 22, 2016 4:59 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 22, 2016 4:59 PM UTC

The rough and tumble world of U.S. Politics was back in the news courtesy of the RNC and Donald Trump. Let’s discuss the presidential odds in the aftermath of the GOP nomination.

Trump Delivers…or Did He?
The Rolling Stones iconic song, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, was cleverly chosen as Trump’s walk-in music which was a not so subtle dig at the conservative establishment that cultivated the #NeverTrump movement. That last ditch gambit by the power base of the GOP ultimately withered as Trump’s support grew stronger. The candidate’s speech ran one hour and 15 minutes, the longest in four decades. And in that time, five of the 5200 plus words uttered pretty much summed up Trump’s position - law, order, close the border. Trump looked very much like a war-time president and his insistence that the status quo would no longer serve the American people was roundly cheered by his supporters. Though he was long-winded, as expected, he hit on all his platforms and then bludgeoned them home in case you didn’t hear it the first four times.

The road map to a Trump victory is wooing moderate women and minorities. Though he did offer an olive branch to the LGBTQ (never heard the Q on the end but it is apparently another letter to make sure those “questioning” their sexual identities are not excluded) community, Trump had an ace up his sleeve to soften his image with women. His daughter Ivanka strode to the dais with another meticulously selected musical selection accompanying her. Here Comes the Sun could not have been more apropos as her sublimely breathtaking countenance warmly greeted the cheering throngs and captured the viewing audience at home.

Her speech was welcoming without being pandering and the commonality she shared as a mother of three with other working mothers was immediately and deftly qualified with her acknowledgement that she was more fortunate than most. The nominee’s daughter did not engage in the fiery rhetoric of her father but rather articulated his qualities and her unbridled admiration for them. Ivanka Trump sought to soften the image of her father but whether or not she succeeded is a question for another day.


Did Trump Do Enough?
There is still a long way to go before the votes are tallied in November and political pundits will point to one of many touchstones that separated the victor from the vanquished. But while Trump is not the bible-thumping, NRA flag waving standard-bearer that the far right craves, he is indeed much closer to their ideological base than Hillary Clinton. The Ted Cruz voters may have warmed to Trump just a bit after the convention and he understands their votes will be crucial to a victory in November. All of this is well and good for the Trump campaign but the truth be told, this post-convention euphoria may have little impact on the final results.

Trump didn’t stumble and looked as presidential as he ever has throughout this long campaign but it might not make a whit of difference in the end. I would caution all of those bettors who are seduced by the post-convention bounce in the polls Trump will certainly experience not to scour the presidential odds with your online sportsbook for the best number just yet. Give it some time because if you are a Trump backer you would be wise to wait for the Democratic Convention next week when Hillary takes the stage and the luster of the GOP Convention has faded. When Hillary gets her post-convention bounce you will certainly get a better number on the underdog Donald Trump. U.S. politics is a volatile business so don’t get caught up in the drama but rather scrutinize the polls and then pounce when the time is right.


Current Presidential Odds:
If you are inclined to include Donald Trump in your presidential picks then I would suggest Heritage as your go-to book where Trump is currently listed as +475 underdog. If you believe Hillary Clinton will capture the White House then get on over to Bovada where she stands at a very palatable -250 favorite. The odds will undoubtedly fluctuate so watch the polls, as well as the sportsbooks, and turn all that research into cold hard cash in your presidential picks.

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