Top Notch Sportsbooks You Can Trust Your Winnings With

Swinging Johnson

Saturday, May 21, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Saturday, May. 21, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Analyzing matchups and putting your money where your mouth is, separates the casual fan from the avid sports bettor. But knowing where to place your action needs research as well.

What Makes a Top Notch Book?
First and foremost you have to be convinced that if you win, you will indeed get paid. But there’s much more to it than that and below we articulate exactly what a sports bettor needs to look for in their offshore sportsbook so that he or she can sweat the game without sweating the payout.

Financial Stability & Speed of Payouts – Any book that gets the SBR seal of approval must have demonstrated a superior track record of paying out according to their advertised payment window over a long period of time. Slow pays or no pays immediately exiles a book to the blacklist if no valid reasons are given.

Years Online – A minimum of seven years in operation is the litmus test for a top notch sportsbook on this list. While younger books may indeed be a viable betting out they won’t stand with the big boys until they mature and prove that they can financially weather the storms that occur in the industry.

Sportsbook Bonuses & Incentives – When searching for perks and bonuses beware of the small print. You will find that the A-rated books below have nothing to hide and provide the player with attainable rollovers and bonuses. Reduced juice or vigorish (aka, the vig) is always a plus for players seeking value.

Cashier Options: Sending & Receiving Funds from Online Sportsbooks – Picking a winner is the hard part but sending and receiving money should be the easy part. The premier books listed below have kept up with the times and offer a variety of funding solutions in the form of third party processors or Bitcoins. The novice sports gambler may be unaware of this new universal currency but SBR has an easy to follow video that explains Bitcoins in layman’s terms so you can seamlessly fund your account and receive payment whenever you desire.

Wagering Variety – Sometimes you need a little spice in your wagering life which is why the best books don’t limit their players’ options to sides and totals. Proposition bets, in-play wagering and exotic bets that include the following: parlays, round robins, super teasers and even action reverse bird cages are all possible, in part or in whole, with the sportsbooks listed below.

Software & Mobile Betting Platforms – You don’t need to hunker down on your desktop or laptop anymore to place an online bet. The best books have dedicated mobile platforms that interface seamlessly with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or other devices to allow just a few swift clicks to get down without any hassles.

Customer Service – If you have a question or concern you shouldn’t have to wait long before it gets addressed. The premier sportsbooks offer Grade A customer service whether it be over the telephone or via an online live chat. SBR monitors sportsbooks to ensure that their customer service is prompt, courteous and informative.


The Best of the Best
Heritage Sportsbook (A+) - Known for timely payouts and features bonuses as well as cash back incentives. Low margin and bettor friendly betting odds.

Bookmaker Sportsbook (A+) - One of the oldest and most trusted sportsbooks offering bonuses as well as excellent customer service.

BetOnline Sportsbook (A+) - Loaded with markets on everything from sports to politics to the world of entertainment as well as props on virtually all sports.

BetDSI Sportsbook (A+) - Rapidly expanding their betting markets and known for taking action without booting consistent winners.

Intertops Sportsbook (A) - Solid 10-year reputation for paying out on time and offering a healthy bonus program. New website interface has made navigating far easier.  (A) - The experienced and talented folks at BetOnline are now managing this site and bringing their expertise to bear, ranging from Bitcoin options to a plethora of betting options.

Bovada Sportsbook (A) - Bovada offers creative props, a multitude of betting options and even a poker room for those who demand an alternative to event wagering.

Justbet Sportsbook (A) - Under the guiding hand of the group in charge of Bookmaker, JustBet has mirrored many of the things that has made their parent book a legend in the industry.

Youwager Sportsbook (B+) - If you want bonuses and perks year-round then YouWager may be the perfect fit. They are now accepting Bitcoin as well.

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