Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017 Odds

Kevin Stott

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 3:47 PM UTC

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 3:47 PM UTC

Time Magazine will be naming its Person of the Year soon in the coming weeks. and online sportsbook BetOnline has a unique Props offering for the winner of this prestigious award. 

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017 Odds At BetOnline

We are here today to get to this thing called the Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017 award, and if you ever thought that you wouldn’t see Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Bashar al Assad on the same list as Pope Francis, Tom Brady, Daenerys Targaryen and The White Helmets, then you were dead wrong. This fun props market from creative sportsbook BetOnline may have some hidden value.

Last year, Time named current Trump with its coveted Time Person of the Year award, so with no back-to-back winners since the inception of the award in 1927 when US aviator Charles Lindbergh nabbed the honors, and with the U.S. president's approval ratings hitting a new low of late, backing someone other than 45 may be a good idea, although backing any of these world politicians, the heaviest chalks in this freaky market, seems really goofy at this particular point in our history with Weather, War and Water dominating the headlines.

Here are the current odds for the Time (Magazine) Person of the Year award in odds and alphabetical order with some potentially deserving candidates like Arizona Senator John McCain, TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, musical artists Jay Z and Beyoncé as well all of the brave First Responders who dealt with three incredibly destructive Hurricanes as well as a number of major human tragedies in the US through a testing and still evolving 2017.

2016—Donald Trump

2015—Angela Merkel

2014—Ebola Fighters

2013—Pope Francis

2012—Barack Obama

2011—The Protester

2010—Mark Zuckerberg

2009—Ben Bernanke

2008—Barack Obama

2007—Vladimir Putin


2005—The Good Samaritans

2004—George W. Bush

2003—The American Soldier

2002—The Whistleblowers

2001—Rudy Giuliani

2000—George W. Bush

1999—Jeff Bezos

1998—Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr

1997—Andrew Grove

Emmanuel Macron +150

Donald Trump +300

Angela Merkel +400

Elon Musk +600

Colin Kaepernick +700

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) +1000

Kim Jong-un +1000

Barack Obama +1000

Jean Claude-Juncker +1400

Conor McGregor +1400

Pope Francis +1400

Vladimir Putin +1500

Recep Tayyip Erdogan +1600

Alexei Navalny +1600

The White Helmets +1600

Tom Brady +2000

Rodrigo Duterte +2000

Nigel Farage +2000

Serena Williams +2500

Mark Zuckerberg +2500

Bashar al Assad +4000

Narendra Modi +4000

Aung San Suu Kyi +4000

Theresa May +5000

Jeremy Corbyn +6600

Anders Fogh Rasmussen +6600

Marine Le Pen +8000

Martin Schulz +8000

Nicola Sturgeon +8000

Zlatan Ibrahimovic +10000

Daenerys Targaryen +10000


Who Might be the Best Value Pick?

Macron, 39, became the youngest President in the history of France and is a logical and safe choice for to win in this market, which often seems to zigzag from politicians to cultural things and people who made a difference on a purely human level. Some politicians besides Trump, Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President and Luxembourgish politician Jean-Claude Juncker, former Secretary of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, the first Mindanaoan to ever hold that office.

For me, with Time having already honored (2013) a progressive Pope (Francis) who has spoken out on Women’s Rights, Climate Change and is hip to UFOs, The White Helmets would be a wonderful and deserving choice, and, at 16-to-1 odds, have some perceived value. Like their fellow First Responders who run straight into the face of danger and death to perform search and rescue operations, The White Helmets -- founded by British mercenary James Le Mesurier and headed by Raed Saleh -- have been performing dangerous search and rescue missions after bombings during the Syrian Civil War in Syria and Turkey. The 3,000+ volunteers of this 3-year-old Non-Profit organization -- who have seen 159 of their own killed during their perilous and angelic work which covers 15 Civil Defense tasks laid out by international Humanitarian Law -- do all of their work on a $70 million budget and live by the very worthy motto, “To save a life is to save all of humanity.”

Free Pick: The White HelmetsBest Line Offered: BetOnline
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