"The Match: Champions for Charity" Betting Picks and Predictions

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As the world starts to recover from the effects of the pandemic, four great American champions bring together the Match – Champions for Charity, which will benefit charities helping those impacted by Coronavirus.

The Match: Champions for Charity

Tiger Woods / Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson / Tom Brady

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Back in their heyday, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were the fiercest of rivals but their relationship has softened throughout the years, so much so that their light-hearted Twitter banter is now enjoyed by sports fans worldwide. Going back to when Woods and Mickelson first played their 10 million dollar match at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas a couple of seasons ago there was a desire for further matches between the two champions.

Bringing into the equation the two NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady meant that four of America’s favorite sportsmen had been planning the match for a few months prior to Covid-19. The idea has now promoted with the charities in mind and they have chosen Medallist Golf Club, Florida as the venue. The Match plays the first nine holes as four-ball format while the last nine holes use the alternate-shot foursomes format.

Peyton Manning. Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

What Golf Skills Can We Expect From These Two Legendary Quarterbacks?

Bringing in legendary quarterbacks from the NFL means widening the appeal from already box office viewing, but make no mistake! These two quarterbacks can play golf. Peyton Manning signed off his Hall of Fame NFL career by winning the Super Bowl 50 in 2015 for Denver Broncos but since retirement, he has brushed up his golf skills taking his handicap down to 6. When you consider that Manning is a member at Augusta National and Cherry Hills in Denver it illustrates the potential level of his play.

Tom Brady has been in the spotlight for many years and instrumental in the New England Patriots’ success, however, he has moved in the offseason to Tampa Bay Buccaneers meaning he is still professionally active despite being only a year younger than Manning. Brady himself is an eight handicap golfer with a strong pedigree having played out of US Open venue The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts for many years which played host to the 1999 Ryder Cup.

Both quarterbacks have valuable experience of playing in pro-am days at the PGA Tour events and as we know from their NFL careers are well equipped to deal with pressure.

How Will Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Play After Their Lay Off?

Despite their advancing years, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are two of the most naturally talented golfers the sport has ever seen. This means very quickly their well-honed games will be back in good shape, once they have practiced a few days prior. In fact, with his injuries considered, during recent seasons, Woods winning the titles he has, from limited practice illustrates that fact well. When Woods was at his peak, Phil Mickelson was always the one player who could be relied upon to stand up and be counted during many of their battles, and these modern-day match ups always looking a coin flip between the two great champions.

Phil Mickelson. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/AFP

Betting Picks and Predictions for the Match

Firstly, let’s not forget this is a fun event for a great cause so my advice is to keep wagers smaller than normal but how great it is to have four of the nation’s greatest sportsman playing and the chance to sit at home enjoying the televised sport with a couple of betting slips!

When analyzing potential outcomes for this match I found it practically impossible to separate the respective players therefore I believe the result of the Match is a potential coin flip.

In actual fact, if you forced me I would find more reasons to support the underdogs. The sportsbooks have no doubt reacted to the Match being played at a course in Florida near where Tiger Woods lives. I don’t see it like that. Firstly, Phil Mickelson is so natural and with no underlying injuries that with little or no practice I would expect him to get his best game back, slightly quicker than Woods.

Secondly, if we look at the Match by analyzing both quarterbacks it is maybe possible that Tom Brady’s nerve is a little sharper than Peyton Manning’s who has been retired five years now. You might ask, how will that make a difference? The reason that could favor Brady, is because he is still used to performing in the looking glass that these four sportsmen have lived their adult lives so maybe his nerve will be stronger over the crucial putts.

With both of those reasons in mind, the underdog’s price of +155 at BetOnline has a solid look to me.

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The Match Props and Novelty Bets

Fun to see the bookmakers pricing up the Novelty bets like a Super Bowl and one that caught my eye is “Will Tiger Woods wear a red shirt?”. Obviously, there may be something we don’t know, but the reason Woods is such a short price to wear his famous fourth round, major championship outfit, makes little sense to me. When we go back to Woods and Mickelson 10 million dollar match he wore blue so let’s have a small stake bet on “No” as the answer to the question at what seems an attractive price of +350.

Golf Novelty Prop Bet: Will Tiger Woods wear a red shirt?

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