The End Of 'Game of Thrones' Is Coming — In April

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 6:30 PM UTC

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018 6:30 PM UTC

We’re not spilling any “Game of Thrones” spoilers but will be discussing the future of those living and dying in Westeros since HBO set its premiere for April. Translation: Don’t sic your dragon on us.

<p>OK, Winter has nothing to do with it. Spring is coming -- and more specifically, April.</p><p>Big tease HBO announced Tuesday that “Game of Thrones” will premiere in April but didn’t share a specific date.</p><p>There are four Sundays to choose from. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.</p><p>Though there isn’t a prop bet – yet – but decent money is on April 28. Why? Some intrepid HBO watchers and “GOT” fans have done the math.</p><p>The online news outlet “Independent” has a premiere-date theory, or in this case theorem, because just reading this gives us sweaty flashbacks of doing geometry proofs at the chalkboard:</p><ul> <li>HBO <strong>will</strong> air the third season (8 episodes) of “True Detective,” starring Mahershala Ali and Carmen Ejogo, Jan.13 through March 3.</li> <li>“Big Little Lies,” which will have a seven-episode return sometime in 2019, <strong>could</strong> premiere in March and finish on April 21. (HBO has yet to share a premiere date of the second season of the series, starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman).</li> <li>That leads to the conclusion that April 28, <strong>is</strong> the premiere date for “Game of Thrones.” (Possibly, we hedge).</li></ul><p>When last in Westeros during “The Dragon and Wolf,” we got the report on Jon Snow; he went horizontal with Aunt Daenerys; Cersei and Jaime were no longer a couple, but still siblings (obviously); the White Walkers arrived at their destination and a “Walking Dead” Viserion took down the wall with its fiery bad breath.</p><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\" data-lang=\"en\"&gt;&lt;p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\"&gt;Every battle. &lt;br /&gt;Every betrayal. &lt;br /&gt;Every risk. &lt;br /&gt;Every fight. &lt;br /&gt;Every sacrifice. &lt;br /&gt;Every death. &lt;br /&gt;All &lt;a href=\";amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw\"&gt;#ForTheThrone&lt;/a&gt;. &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;— Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;November 13, 2018&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;\n\n&lt;script async src=\"\" charset=\"utf-8\"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;"}[/]</p><p>To prep you for what’s coming in Spring, several of <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="SBR's Best Sportsbooks">SBR’s top-rated sportsbooks</a>, including <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Top-Rated Sportsbook">My Bookie</a>, are offering “GOT” prop bets, including who will be the first to die when the series premieres.</p><p>Considering how many people die on this show, you can likely throw a sword and hit a viable option. Almost 200 characters, some held in high esteem and others not-so-much, have died in a variety of ways from Direwolf to sorcery to pillow.</p><p>With Daenerys having a great wardrobe despite where she lives and death being the only sure things on “GOT,” here are some select speculative choices who won’t make it past Season 8, Episode 1:</p><ul> <li><strong>Yara Greyjoy (+200) –</strong> One of the last images we had of Yara was an ax at her throat by her uncle. And we thought our family dinners were danger zones. We think she’ll survive.</li> <li><strong>Theon Greyjoy (+400)</strong> – Yara will live because her long-suffering brother will sacrifice himself to save her. Doesn’t that sound like something he’d do?</li> <li><strong>The Mountain (+500)</strong> – He attracts death like Everest attracts sherpas. It’s only a question of when and he’s on our season premiere short list.</li> <li><strong>Tormjund Giantsbane (+800)</strong> – Is it possible to be too beloved to die? We wouldn’t know. But that is what makes him a target. Tormjund was at the Night King’s attack but viewers are unsure of his fate. Is it too much to ask for a sappy moment with Brienne before you end him? We won’t hold our breath.</li> <li><strong>Euron Greyjoy (+800)</strong> – A decent candidate to die because he’s just an evil dude. And making Cersei an enemy wasn’t a wise decision. Just sayin’.</li> <li><strong>Bronn (+1000)</strong> – Loyalty rarely pays off in this series in the long run, so his devotion to Jaime Lannister may seal his fate.</li> <li><strong>The Night King (+2000):</strong> He’s just getting started, so no, he’ll live past episode 1.</li> <li><strong>Cersei Lannister (+2000)</strong> – It’s a sure thing Cersei is going to die – but not in the premiere. Gossip around the Iron Throne is that it will be a startling exit. Keep an eye on your brother is our best advice.</li> <li><strong>Jaime Lannister (+5000) </strong>– Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has questioned if his character can be redefined after spitting with his twin … but taking himself out after murdering his sister? Hmm, let’s ponder that.</li> <li><strong>Tyrion Lannister (+4000)</strong> – We don’t think HBO has the stones to kill one of its most popular characters, but Peter Dinklage would certainly make a feast of it, wouldn’t he? That might be enough reason to do it and get Dinklage his fourth Emmy Award.</li> <li><strong>Jon Snow (+6600)</strong> – Please spare us ugly cries of him dying again.</li> <li><strong>Daenerys Targaryen (+10000)</strong> – Yeah, right.</li></ul><p>Missing from the My Bookie list is Beric, who also was at the wall with Tormund. Beric has been resurrected many times, so if he falls, it will likely be the last time he does.</p>
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