Summer Olympics Betting: Swimmers vs. Sprinters, Who Holds the Most Value?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 8:29 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2016 8:29 PM UTC

Betting on lightning Bolts? Let’s look at the numbers here and come up with some solid value picks in some of the highest-profile events in these Games.

<p><strong>Track &amp; Field, Swimming Sprint Events High-Profile, May Hold Hidden Value</strong><br />The Men’s and Women’s “Sprint” events in both the Swimming and Track &amp; Field Events in this coming 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are some of the more high-profile events in the Olympics as well as some of the heaviest to be wagered on. Four years ago in the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the United States won 31 of a potential 102 total Medals in Men’s and Women’s Swimming events, including 16 Gold Medals overall including 4 by Olympics legend Michael Phelps. </p><p>In less than two the Games of the XXXI Olympiad will feature a total of 406 events in 26 different sports with 207 countries participating and the Games scheduled to run from Aug. 5 through Aug. 21 in 18 different existing venues throughout Brazil. We’ve already looked at some of the <a href="" target="_blank" title="Summer Olympic Games">Olympic Team Events</a> for these coming Games, so let’s now examine the 10 individual Track &amp; Field and Swimming Sprint events in these Rio Summer Olympics and see if there is any discernable difference in perceived value from this point—obviously not knowing who will qualify for each respective event’s Finals. There will be 68 medals handed out for Men’s and Swimming Events with the competitions starting in the pool at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 6 and completing a week later on Saturday, Aug. 13. The Track &amp; Field events will be held the last 10 days of these Olympics from Aug. 12 to Aug. 21 at Olympic Stadium (Estádio Olímpico João Havelange) in Rio de Janeiro.</p><p>Here are the updated <a href="" target="_blank" title="Sportsbook Released Opening Odds For 2016 Summer Olympic Games">Futures Book odds</a> from PaddyPower for the Men’s and Women’s 50m, 100m and 200m in Swimming and the Men’s and Women’s 100m and 200m in Track &amp; Field.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Men’s 50m Freestyle Gold Medal Odds </strong></p><p>Florent Manaudou 4/7 (France)</p><p>Nathan Adrian 5/1 (USA)</p><p>Cameron McEvoy 6/1 (Australia)</p><p>Bruno Fratus 10/1 (Brazil)</p><p>Ben Proud 12/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Anthony Ervin 13/1 (USA)</p><p>Andriy Govorov 33/1 (Ukraine)</p><p>Clement Mignon 66/1 (France)</p><p>Kristian Gkolomeev 66/1 (Greece)</p><p>Marco Orsi 100/1 (Italy)</p><p>Krisztian Takacs 100/1 (Hungary)</p><p>Luca Dotto 150/1 (Italy)</p><p><strong>Men’s Gold Medal Race: Friday, August 12</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Men’s 100m Freestyle Gold Medal Odds </strong></p><p>Cameron McEvoy 2/3 (Australia)</p><p>Nathan Adrian 5/1 (USA)</p><p>Zetao Ning 6/1 (China)</p><p>Clement Mignon 9/1 (France)</p><p>Federico Grabich 16/1 (Argentina)</p><p>Santo Condorelli 18/1 (Canada)</p><p>Luca Dotto 25/1 (Italy)</p><p>Jeremy Stravius 33/1 (France)</p><p>Caeleb Dressel 33/1 (USA)</p><p>Kyle Chalmers 50/1 (Australia)</p><p>Marco Orsi 66/1 (Italy)</p><p>Marcelo Chierighini 100/1 (Brazil)</p><p>Pieter Timmers 100/1 (Belgium)</p><p>Yuri Kisil 125/1 (Canada)</p><p><strong>Men’s Gold Medal Race: Wednesday, August 10</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Men’s 200m Freestyle Gold Medal Odds</strong></p><p>Sun Yang Even (China)</p><p>James Guy 7/5 (Great Britain)</p><p>Yannick Agnel 6/1 (France)</p><p>Conor Dwyer 10/1 (USA)</p><p>Paul Biedermann 10/1 (Germany)</p><p>Danila Izotov 25/1 (Russia)</p><p>Kosuke Hagino 25/1 (Japan)</p><p>Townley Haas 40/1 (USA)</p><p>Sebastiaan Verschuren 40/1 (Netherlands)</p><p>Thomas Fraser-Holmes 40/1 (Australia)</p><p>Jeremy Stravius 50/1 (France)</p><p>Alexander Krasnykh 66/1 (Russia)</p><p>David McKeon 66/1 (Australia)</p><p>Calum Jarvis 66/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Andrea Mitchell D’Arrigo 100/1 (Italy)</p><p>Gabriele Detti 100/1 (Italy)</p><p><strong>Men’s Gold Medal Race: Monday, August 8</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Women’s 50m Freestyle Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Cate Campbell 2/3 (Australia)</p><p>Bronte Campbell 9/2 (Australia)</p><p>Ranomi Kromowidjojo 11/2 (Netherlands)</p><p>Sarah Sjöström 11/2 (Sweden)</p><p>Francesca Halsall 12/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Abbey Weitzeil 25/1 (USA)</p><p>Simone Manuel 40/1 (USA)</p><p>Melanie Henique 66/1 (France)</p><p>Silvia Di Pietro 66/1 (Italy)</p><p>Michelle Williams 66/1 (Canada)</p><p>Chantal Van Landeghem 66/1 (Canada)</p><p>Anna Santamans 66/1 (France)</p><p>Erika Ferraioli 66/1 (Italy)</p><p><strong>Women’s Gold Medal Race: Saturday, August 13</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Women’s 100m Freestyle Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Cate Campbell 4/11 (Australia)</p><p>Bronte Campbell 11/2 (Australia)</p><p>Sarah Sjöström 7/1 (Sweden)</p><p>Femke Heemskerk 18/1 (Netherlands)</p><p>Ranomi Kromowidjojo 18/1 (Netherlands)</p><p>Federica Pellegrini 22/1 (Italy)</p><p>Aleksandra Gerasimenya 33/1 (Bulgaria)</p><p>Simone Manuel 60/1 (USA)</p><p>Abbey Weitzeil 60/1 (USA)</p><p>Penny Oleksiak 60/1 (Canada)</p><p>Michelle Coleman 100/1 (Sweden)</p><p>Jeannette Ottesen 100/1 (Denmark)</p><p><strong>Women’s Gold Medal Race: Thursday, August 11</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Women’s 200m Freestyle Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Katie Ledecky 2/3 (USA)</p><p>Sarah Sjöström 2/1 (Sweden)</p><p>Federica Pellegrini 22/1 (Italy)</p><p>Emma McKeon 17/2 (Australia)</p><p>Katinka Hosszu 13/1 (Hungary)</p><p>Missy Franklin 22/1 (USA)</p><p>Michelle Coleman 33/1 (Sweden)</p><p>Femke Heemskerk 133/1 (Netherlands)</p><p>Veronika Popova 33/1 (Russia)</p><p>Shen Duo 33/1 (China)</p><p>Melania Costa-Schmid 66/1 (Spain)</p><p>Siobhan-Marie O’Connor 66/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Junjun Guo 100/1 (China)</p><p>Coralie Balmy 100/1 (France)</p><p>Alice Mizzau 100/1 (Italy)</p><p>Manuella Lyrio 100/1 (Brazil)</p><p>Charlotte Bonnet 100/1 (France)</p><p><strong>Women’s Gold Medal Race: Tuesday, August 9</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Men’s 100m Dash Olympic Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Usain Bolt -162 (Jamaica)</p><p>Justin Gatlin +150 (USA)</p><p>Yohan Blake 8/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Trayvon Bromell 10/1 (USA)</p><p>Andre De Grasse 14/1 (USA)</p><p>Jimmy Vicaut 16/1 (France)</p><p>Marvin Bracy 40/1 (USA)</p><p>Nickel Ashmeade 50/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Su Bingtian 100/1 (China)</p><p>Keston Bledman 100/1 (Trinidad and Tobago)</p><p><strong>Men’s Gold Medal Race: Sunday, August 14</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Men’s 200m Dash Olympic Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Usain Bolt -225 (Jamaica)</p><p>Justin Gatlin 3/1 (USA)</p><p>LaShawn Merritt 7/1 (USA)</p><p>Yohan Blake 9/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Ameer Webb 16/1 (USA)</p><p>Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake 22/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Rasheed Dwyer 33/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Anaso Jobodwana 40/1 (South Africa)</p><p>Wayde van Niekerk 50/1 (South Africa)</p><p>Nickel Ashmeade 50/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Adam Gemili 50/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Alonso Edward 55/1 (Panama)</p><p>Zharnel Hughes 100/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Churandy Martina 100/1 (Netherlands)</p><p>Alex Hartmann 275/1 (Australia)</p><p>Danny Talbott 275/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Marcus Lawler 500/1 (Ireland)</p><p><strong>Men’s Gold Medal Race: Thursday, August 18</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Women’s 100m Dash Olympic Gold Medal Winner Odds</strong></p><p>Dafne Schippers +175 (Netherlands)</p><p>Elaine Thompson +250 (Jamaica)</p><p>Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce +350 (Jamaica)</p><p>Torie Bowie +500 (USA)</p><p>English Gardner +550 (USA)</p><p>Murielle Ahouré 10/1 (Ivory Coast)</p><p>Marie-Josée Ta Lou 10/1 (Ivory Coast)</p><p>Tina Bartoletta 18/1 (USA)</p><p>Blessing Okagbare 40/1 (Nigeria)</p><p>Desiree Henry 60/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Veronica Campbell-Brown 100/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Natasha Morrison 100/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Rosângela Santos 100/1 (Brazil)</p><p>Kelly-Anne Baptiste 200/1 (Trinidad &amp; Tobago)</p><p>Melissa Breen 500/1 (Australia)</p><p><strong>Women’s Gold Medal Race: Thursday, August 18</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Women’s 200m Dash Olympic Gold Medal Winner Odds </strong></p><p>Dafne Schippers -162 (Netherlands)</p><p>Elaine Thompson 5/2 (Jamaica)</p><p>Tori Bowie 4/1 (USA)</p><p>Allyson Felix 25/1 (USA)</p><p>Murielle Ahouré 25/1 (Ivory Coast)</p><p>Dina Asher-Smith 25/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Candyce McGrone 40/1 (USA)</p><p>Marie-Josée Ta Lou 66/1 (Ivory Coast)</p><p>Jodie Williams 100/1 (Great Britain)</p><p>Veronica Campbell-Brown 100/1 (Jamaica)</p><p>Jenna Prandini 100/1 (USA)</p><p>Rosângela Santos 100/1 (Brazil)</p><p>Semoy Hackett 100/1 (Trinidad &amp; Tobago)</p><p><strong>Women’s Gold Medal Race: Wednesday, August 17</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>When an American Sprinter Named English Gardner May Be Worth A Wager in Women's 100m Dash</strong><br />This could be the last hurrah for The Fastest Man in the World, 29-year-old Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, whose 9.58 mark is the Record for this 100m sprint with fellow American Tyson Gay and Jamaican Yohan Blake tied for the second-fastest (9.69 seconds) Times ever recorded (Outdoors), yet still more than 1/10th a second slower than Bolt’s mark. And backing Bolt in the 200m Dash and paying the over 2-to-1 price seems like the wisest pick in in the 200m, as winning the bet and not worrying about the price seems like the best advice in this particular event which will see its Gold Medal awarded on Thursday, Aug. 18. With no clear-cut (minus money) odds favorite, the Women’s 100m Dash seems like a good market in which to do some <a href="" target="_blank" title="Click Here For Useful Betting Resources">handicapping homework</a> and takes a chance on a Sprinter you think may win the Gold Medal in rio next month.</p><p>And as she is in the Women’s 200m Dash, Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands is <a href="" target="_blank" title="Online Betting Sites Ratings Guide">the Oddsmakers</a> favorites to win the Women’s 100m Dash. But with Jamaican sensation Elaine Thompson, countrywoman Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, American Tori Bowie, American English Gardner, Ivory Coast natives Murielle Ahouré and Marie-Josée Ta Lou all possibly making it to the Final (Aug. 18) of this prestigious event, the actual perceived value may lie in taking a shots at one of the lower oddsmakers chalks like Gardner, who registered the second-best time in this Race (10.74, wind-aided at the Olympic Trials) in 2016 and who could very well shock the world and become an instant athlete-celebrity in the US with a win in this event. 2015 World Champion Schipper holds the European World Record in the event, posting a 21.63 at this distance, but the 25-year-old will be tested by Field the same as second odds-favorite Campbell-Brown—and is more likely to earn a Gold Medal in the Women’s 200m where she has been the prohibitive favorite. Ahouré has the 3rd-fastest Time this year according to the IAAF (10.78) with Bartoletta (10.78) and Bowie (10.78) also having that speed be their fastest 100m this year.</p><p>The bottom line here is that in the Swimming Sprint events, the prohibitive favorites in the six events above makes it way too hard to back most of the heavy chalks while at least in the Women’s 100m and 200m Dashes, there are potential (underdog) participants who can legitimately make a run at bringing home an individual Gold Medal in August.</p><p> </p><p><strong>2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS INDIVIDUAL EVENT GOLD MEDAL TRACK AND SWIMMING SPRINT PICKS:</strong> Usain Bolt (Jamaica), Men’s 200m Dash -200; English Gardner (USA) Women’s 100m Dash +550; Dafne Schippers (Netherlands) Women’s 200m Dash -163; Cate Campbell (Australia) Women’s 200m Freestyle 4/11</p><p><strong>Best Lines Offered: </strong><a href=";book=Paddypower" target="_blank" title="Play With A Top Rated International Sportsbook">at PaddyPower</a></p>
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