Popular Betting Markets Trading USA As Medal Count Favorite In Rio

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 9:03 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016 9:03 PM UTC

A mere few days to the opening ceremony of Rio 2016, we look ahead to some of the most popular total betting markets, prop bets that are sure to add to the thrill of the sensational global event.

5Dimes has released a whole slew of prop bets to spot that cover numerous aspects of the games. One of these includes medal count for several nations that are proven top performers. United States leads the charge to take home the most medals with the reputable bookmaker hanging the Stars and Stripes on a whopping tally of 103.5. Neighbours Canada, represented by the amiable Maple Leaf, come in with a meagre 17.5 medal line, which only underlines just how disparaging the podium is amongst the many nations competing.

Of the triplet of medals up for grabs, none is more sought after than the Gold. The metal shines the brightest of the lot on the podium and is the highest validation for the four years of sacrifice, hard work and dedication every athlete assumes when attempting to qualify for the games. In line with the overarching medal count trading across sports betting exchanges, USA, once again, are favoured to top the gold count with lines hovering around 41.5. Chine nip at their heels with 34.5, Team Great Britain comes in third with an 18.5 line and Germany round out the top four with a line of 15.5 trading on the Olympics betting odds board.

So how should bettors approach these markets? It’s no secret betting on the Olympics is one of the toughest exercises. Firstly, Olympics appear every two years on the sports betting exchange, but interchangeably between summer and winter instalments. It’s completely different to betting on seasonal sports within leagues around the world. There are many variables to consider from different athletes representing a nation in their respective sports to the sport itself – many of which don’t receive as much airtime as the popular events. It’s more than just about looking at form, fitness, momentum and trends.

What makes Rio specifically rather challenging is the current climate in the country. Rife with political intrigue, unrest and world health organisation warnings hanging over it as a result of the outbreak of the Zika Virus, the latter of which has resulted in many top athletes to forgo the Olympics entirely for fear to their health. That alone makes the competition more wide open, you’d think. It’s possible that more athletes playing with house money will enjoy positive results in a watered down field.

Water contamination is another issue that seems to be taking the spotlight, a serious concern for those competing in water sports. As well, already many athletes are taking to social media to complain about shoddy accommodations and disorganisation in the Olympic village, calling it the most subpar Olympics ever rolled out. That’s quite the heavy accusation without the Olympics even getting underway. Distractions such as these are the worst thing to happen to an athlete when concentration, focus and routine are needed. It might have an impact on the competition, something that has us considering the UNDER bet might be the smart betting pick in most of the medal count prop bets.


How Many Medals will the USA win in Rio 2016
OVER 103.5 -115
UNDER 103.5 -115

How Many Gold Medals will the USA win in Rio 2016
OVER 40.5 -140
UNDER 40.5 +110

How Many Gold Medals will China win in Rio 2016
OVER 34.5 -125
UNDER 34.5 -105

How Many Medals will Canada win in Rio 2016
OVER 17.5 -115
UNDER 17.5 -115

How Many Gold Medals will Great Britain win in Rio 2016
OVER 18.5 -150
UNDER 18.5 +120

How Many Gold Medals will Germany win in Rio 2016
OVER 15.5 -125
UNDER 15.5 -105

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